How to Cook London Broil

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How to Cook London BroilSee the picture? It doesn’t take a freaking genius to figure out that’s how you make de-freaking-licious, London Broil. But, did you know that knowing how to cook London Broil is only part of the secret to actually enjoying the meat? The reason so many people are googling how to cook London Broil is because it almost never comes out right. London Broil is made from a very lean cut of meat. Forget the lie that fat is the villain. When it comes to beef, fat is a friend that we could all stand to appreciate more. All a good, tender, savory cut of meat ever needed is some fat. If you’ve ever had a bad, tough cut of London Broil, join the club – we all have. But, what can we do about it? The key to a good cut of London Broil is not only how we cook it, but what we do before and after it is cooked.
I learned the hard way.

Cooking London Broil is only Part of the Battle

London Broil InsideYou can learn how to cook London Broil simply by looking at the picture. Those tasty-looking, grill marks were accomplished by throwing the slab of meat on my grill at the very hottest temperature. I turned my gas grill up to the hottest temperature it would go. The temperature read 600 Degrees Fahrenheit when I put the meat on the grid. I shut the cover and let it sit for 2:00 minutes, rotated it 90 degrees, then repeated the same procedure for the other side. Two minutes, twice on each side equals a total of 8 minutes. When I removed the meat from the grill, here is what it looked like on the inside; rather rare, but very juicy! This is the way London Broil should look when you eat it, but there is something else you need to do before you even cook it:

How to Prepare London Broil

Before we Cook the London Broil

Since London Broil is made from a very low-fat, tough cut of meat, it needs to be marinated. The best marinade for London Broil is 1/2 cup whiskey, 1/2 cup soy sauce and 1 half cup Cholula or other hot sauce. With the marinade sauce, mix in garlic, onions, paprika, lots of black pepper and some honey. Let it marinate in your refrigerator for up to 2 days. The saucy, marinade replaces the need for fat. Your London Broil will be juicy and delicious as long as it is not overcooked.

After Cooking London Broil

I’ve tried to slow-cook London Broil in sauce thinking it would make it juicier and more delicious, but it only became tougher and more tried out and flavorless. If you don’t like your beef pink inside than choose another, more naturally, fatty type of meat. London Broil is very dense and needs to be crisp on the outside and very pink on the inside (see picture again). If you follow my instructions on how to cook London Broil, it
is completely safe to eat because the outside of a very robust chunk of meat has been thoroughly cooked on the outside at a very high temperature. Properly cooked London Broil may not be the most tender steak you can buy, but when cooked properly it is quite tasty and worth a little bit, extra chewing effort.

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