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I’ve had my Black and Decker Grass Hog for 7 years and so I suppose I’ve had enough time to form an opinion and review. The grass hog is still selling strong on Amazon, so at the very least, we know it’s still a worthy contender among the dozens of choices of cordless, weed trimmers.

What is the Black and Decker Grass Hog?

The Grass Hog, Model # NS2018 is an electric, cordless grass trimmer and edger that comes with two, re-chargeable, 18-Volt batteries
I decided to shop for a cordless, electric trimmer a few years ago for the sake of convenience and simplicity. I don’t know how other gas trimmers are, but my previous, Ryobi gas trimmer was a pain-in-the-butt to start and I got sick of the vibration and noise. The Black and Decker will trim your grass using a reel of the standard, .65MM to .75MM trimmer line. Additionally, with a simple adjustment you can convert the Grass Hog into an edger. Having such a small yard, it got to be a embarrassing nuisance starting up the gas trimmer for a job that took about 5 minutes. That was 7 years ago and since then, I’ve moved to house with a bigger yard and can fully appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of the Grass Hog.

Black and Decker Grass Hog Pros and Cons

Grass Hog Pros

  • Convenience
  • Two Batteries are Included
  • Converts to an Edger with one simple rotation
  • Low Cost

Grass Hog Cons

  • Battery Life
  • Vanishing Trimmer Line

Grass Hog: The Verdict

The Black and Decker Grass Hog is plenty powerful enough to trim and edge your grass, but I quickly found out that I needed two, fully charged batteries to complete the job on the larger front and back lawns of my bigger house. For some reason, the grass hog seems to eat up trimmer line faster than anything. This is not a deal-breaker; the line is cheap and it’s very easy to load, but where the heck is it going..? If you’re concerned about the battery life, you can buy extra rechargeable batteries for your grass hog. The conversion to an edger is genius – it works great and takes seconds to convert back and forth from edger to trimmer. Overall, I have to agree with the vast majority of other Black and Decker Grass Hog owners and give this product 4 Stars.


Two years after writing this review, I’ve retired the Grass Hog in favor of a much more powerful Lithium Ion Ryobi Trimmer.  The Grass Hog still works and is sitting in my garage. The unit held up well and served it’s purpose.

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