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iPoint Evolution Pencil Sharpener
Updated on April 13, 2017

ipoint evolution pencil sharpenerWith a name like iPoint, you’d think this might be Apple’s own, new evolution of the pencil sharpener. That isn’t the case, but give the company some credit for creative name-branding. The iPoint Evolution¬† Pencil Sharpener is made by Westcott. The name sounds high-tech and like Apple Products, the iPoint Evolution¬†looked cool and innovative enough to make me take a second look. I’m still in the market for a decent, affordable, electric pencil sharpener and the iPoint caught my eye. Last year, while I was in search of the best electric pencil sharpener I could find, I was unimpressed with the ratings by actual users of the most expensive products on the market. At just under $30.00, the iPoint looks good and has the features I want, but how well does it actually work?

iPoint User Ratings

Sadly, the iPoint pencil sharpener didn’t live up to it’s cosmetic looks and ergonomic hype. Out of 33 Customer reviews of Amazon users, the iPoint evolution only rated 3 out of 5 stars. The top two complaints seemed to be that the iPoint pencil sharpener either didn’t sharpen pencils evenly or didn’t make a sharp enough point. Considering the manufacturer, Westcott’s claim that the iPoint uses a precision, titanium sharpening blade, it is disappointing to hear that it doesn’t do a real good job sharpening pencils. The iPoint Evolution does feature an automatic shut-off feature when the pencil is sharpened, but unfortunately some users claimed it wasn’t very accurate. Other users seemed happy with the sharpening capability, but complained that they did not know how to empty the iPoint pencil shavings. With the number of iPoint users still struggling with how to do this, it deserves some brief instructions.


How to Empty the iPoint

The best way to learn how to empty the iPoint is to understand how not to do it: Do not attempt to remove the entire plastic casing or chamber from the iPoint. Some users have broken their sharpener by doing this. The iPoint’s plastic chamber is actually two pieces. Simply apply pressure to the top part of the plastic casing and gently twist and the lid will come right off.

iPoint Evolution Pencil Sharpener

Pros and Cons


  • Stylish, ergonomic, space-saving design
  • Automatic Shut-Off to prevent over-sharpening
  • Low Price


  • Doesn’t always sharpen evenly
  • Some users complain it doesn’t provide a sharp enough point.
  • Not intended for heavy duty use. (Wears Out)

Bottom Line: Should you Buy the iPoint?

Having become a classroom teacher, I can give you a very honest opinion: If you’re going to be sharpening a lot of pencils, the iPoint Evolution pencil sharpener is not for you. I’ve gone through two of these in a year and I know a couple of other teachers who have had the same problem. Now, if you just use pencils at home to enjoy crossword puzzles or other individual creative hobbies, the iPoint is just fine for your needs and you should get at least a year or two of use out of it. ¬†For the money, it’s probably all you’ll ever need.

See my review on the one that I do recommend for heavy duty use: Best Pencil Sharpener


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