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I’ve been an unusually harsh critic of Gevalia Tassimo T Discs and for good reason. Tassimo Gevalia coffee is usually weak, bland and uninspiring. To add insult to injury, Gevalia advertises a large, 12-ounce cup, T-Disc that has less coffee in it than a good Keurig 8 ounce K Cup. You can tell just by looking at Gevalia T-Discs that they are going to be weak before you even brew them because they have substantially less coffee in them than the former Starbucks T-Discs which were my favorite, but are no longer made. Virtually, all of the different K-Cups brands were stronger than Gevalia T-Discs. That is, until Gevalia came out with a real game changer.
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Gevalia Tassimo T Discs?

Having changed jobs, I gave my old Mr. Coffee Keurig away to my daughter in college. We use a bigger, 60-ounce model Keurig Brewer at home, so we figured we had no use for it at the time. In fact, I love the Keurig brewer so much that I’ll never drink coffee from a traditional drip coffee maker or percolator again. But, lo and behold – new job and now I needed another single-cup brewer. At my wife’s suggestion, I reluctantly grabbed the Tassimo which was collecting dust in the basement and brought it to the new office. Don’t get me wrong, the Tassimo is a great machine and when I was able to get Starbucks T-Discs for it, it was thef best single cup brewer in the world. But, those days are gone and Keurig rules when it comes to coffee selection. As I said above, the Gevalia Tassimo products, which are prominently sold in stores just aren’t very strong. Now, let’s talk about the game changer:

Gevalia Dark Breakfast Blend

As I was at my local Safeway store looking for Tassimo T Discs, a new one caught my eye: The package said, “if you liked Starbucks Tassimo, you’ll love this”. It was a new, Dark Breakfast Blend of Gevalia that I had never seen before. The price was $8.99 for a 12-pack – a little on the expensive side. As soon as I opened up the package at the office, I knew this was not your typical Gevalia T Disc coffee. The disc size was huge – identical to the Starbucks Tassimo coffee that was referred to on the package. This indeed was every bit as good as the Columbian Tassimo discs that became my favorite before Starbucks resigned from their relationship with Tassimo. Gevalia Tassimo Dark Breakfast blend is as good or better than my favorite Keurig brands including, Tully’s, Newman’s, Starbucks Pike Roast, etc, etc. I’ve definitely found something that I can enjoy for the Tassimo and it’s from Gevalia. What a surprise. Tassimo owners can only hope that Gevalia will start producing more coffee with the large-sized t-discs that taste just like Starbucks. In fact, the Gevalia dark roast breakfast blend tastes so much like Starbucks that I have to wonder if they really are.


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