Indocin Side Effects

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Follow up on Gout and Indocin

indocin side effectsLast week I wrote about using Aleve vs. the standard Indocin Prescription for treating Gout. Taking two Aleve at a time worked for a while, though it was causing tremendous stomach upset. My gut was gurgling like the boiler room at a convention center. What’s worse, is that the Aleve stopped working. My toe was incredibly inflamed and sensitive which made it nearly impossibly to sleep. I finally broke down on Saturday and went to an urgent care facility where I was prescribed Indocin. I was hoping for a steroid shot, but the doctor assured me that Indomethacin was more effective for treating gout than any other pain reliever. I limped out of the doctor’s office and headed to the pharmacist to get my prescription filled. Was it effective?

Indocin Prescription Details and Dosage

indocin extended releaseThe first thing I noticed about the new, Indocin was that the capsules were colored white instead of the familiar green colored ones that I still had leftover from 10 years ago. More importantly, the new, white Indocin were 75MG strength compared to 25MG of the old green ones. These are extended release Indocin which are to be taken twice a day, where-as the old prescription was to be taken 3 times a day. Still, we’re talking 150MG a day vs. just 75 per day for the old. I hoped it would work and it did!. After a few hours, the pain and swelling subsided dramatically. I continued taking the 75MG Indocin as followed: Once at 7:00AM with breakfast and once at 7:00PM with dinner. I worried about side effects. How do the actual Indocin side effects compare to the reported statistics? I was about to find out.

Indocin Side Effects: Reported

MedLinePlus reports the following Indocin Side Effects:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation and other IBS Symptoms
  • Ringing in the Ears

Below the more common symptoms are some more serious ones which I won’t go into right now. How did my actual side effects compare?

Indocin Side Effects: Actual

While headache tops the list of Indocin side effects, my stomach is what usually takes the biggest brunt from any drug. For that reason, my doctor prescribed a generic form of Prilosec pills (20ea x 20mg Famotidine Tables). I took one with each Indocin dose. My stomach survived 5 days of Indocin perfectly fine. I did suffer from a very minor and odd-sensation of a headache much of the time, but it was bearable. I didn’t get into real trouble until I reduced my dosage of the Indocin on the 5th day after the Gout was noticeably better. When I skipped my evening dose of Indocin, I suffered a massive headache at around 3AM the next morning. It was a headache like I had never felt before. The dull, throbbing headache; which encompassed the entire 360-degree profile of my entire head, was similar to the one that I had while taking the Indocin, but 100 times stronger. I would honestly have to describe this as the worst headache I have ever experienced. The headache, thankfully, subsided about 1 hour after taking my morning dosage of Indocin. Headaches are most definitely a painful withdrawal symptom that don’t get mentioned among the published lists of

    Indocin Side Effects

. I was actually afraid to go to sleep the next evening for fear of waking up with another massive headache. This time, I kept an Aleve by my sink in case I felt it coming on, which I did. The headache was much milder this time and the Aleve took care of it. The gout seemed to finally be under control. Among all of the reported Indocin Side Effects, I’m flabbergasted as to how nothing is mentioned about a headache withdrawal rebound.

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