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Capzasin HPIn my week-long search for gout pain relief I discovered Capzasin-HP which is a specific brand of capsaicin cream for treating arthritic joint and other body aches and pains. When our body parts hurt we are looking for instant relief. Oral medications have two problems:

  1. They take time to work.
  2. They have side effects which tend to make other body parts like our stomach hurt.

Capzasin is a popular brand of capsaicin cream (made from the capsaicin chemical in peppers) for treating arthritic and various other types of body, joint aches and pains. The “HP” stands for High Potency which at a mere .1% may seem curious until you’ve tried it. The active ingredient in much of the arthritic and other pain creams somewhat helps by masking the pain with a soothing, warming or icy cold sensation on the affected areas. Capsaicin or Capzasin HP is a little bit different. The active ingredient is the actual hot capsaicin or capsicum extracted from chili peppers and made into an arthritic cream. Since the active amount of capsaicin in Capzasin HP is only .1% you might wonder how such a small percentage could possibly do any good, but you can instantly feel the hot pepper go to work on your skin. In fact, if you don’t wash your hands thoroughly after applying it, you will be reminded of it the minute you touch your face or eyes with your finger. Unsure, about putting hot peppers on your skin? Try this: Myo-Med Pain Cream.

How does Capsaicin Work?

Capsaicin CreamI can’t say that the Capzasin HP instantly relieved the severe pain of my gout stricken left toe, but it did take the edge off of the pain enough so I could get a couple of hours worth of sleep during the night. Capsaicin supposedly works by reducing something known as Substance Pwhich is found in our nerve endings. I can tell you that a severely inflamed toe from arthritic gout is not really a fair way to test a topical capsaicin cream.  A minor or moderately sore back would be a much better test for Capzasin-HP and as luck would have it, I got my chance. The wincing and contorting of my body from the constant pain of the toe seemed to torque my lower back in such a way that it began to ache. I applied the Capzasin-HP to my lower back and in minutes felt better.

Does Capzasin HP Work?

While the purpose of a cream may not be to soothe the affected area, that seems to be one of its benefits. My lower back felt as if a comfortable warm, heating pad was resting on it. The surprising thing is how long this warming affect of the capsaicin cream seems to last. The water from my shower the next morning seemed to rejuvenate this soothing effect. My impression of Capzasin-HP capsaicin cream is that it does a better job than the Max-Freezethat I reviewed previously in providing relief from minor aches and pains. Gee, I can’t wait to try Capzasin-HP next time I get a neck crick…well, maybe I can.

Capzasin HP User Ratings Ratings

I found 26 User ratings on Capzasin. Surprisingly, the product only averaged 3.5 / 5 Stars. This is easy to explain: There seems to be a love/hate relationship among Capsaicin Cream users. Either you love it or you hate it. For the most part, those that hated it complained of the pepper burning their skin so badly they would rather put up with the pain that it was intended to treat. Those who loved the product, admitted there was some burning and chastised the complainers for not taking better care of washing their hands. To be fair, I think some people simply have more sensitive skin just as some people are more susceptible to the burn of hot peppers when they try to eat them. If not for the concern of burning the skin, Capzasin HP has very favorable reviews. The logical thing to do the first time you try capsaicin is to apply some in a less sensitive and very small area the first time you try it. Wash your hands thoroughly and see how it feels. If the burning doesn’t bother you, chances are you will be among those that rate Capzasin HP 5 stars for its effectiveness in treating the minor to moderate aches and pains of arthritis and other maladies.

Capsaicin Cream Update

A few back aches later and I’m sold on the Capsaicin as the most effective pain remedy for stiff joints and muscle aches. One thing I’ve noticed about this product is that the medication lasts longer than any pain cream I’ve ever tried. In fact, you have to be a little bit careful. Long after the capsaicin cream has been applied; it seems to activate itself again when you’ve applied heat or moisture to it. The affect from the pepper can get pretty hot on your skin, particularly when you’ve been sweating. I notice this the most when sitting on the hot leather seats of my car during a sunny day. Actually, I don’t mind the heat at all. A couple of weeks ago, I threw my lower back out pretty severely. I tried the Arnicare Arnica gel and the Biofreeze products. The arnica gel was completely worthless. The Biofreeze provided some cooling relief, but it only lasted 45 minutes to an hour. The capsaicin lasts all day; especially when you apply a little moisture or heat to rejuvenate it. The heat from the capsaicin peppers seems to do much better than any other pain cream on the stiff and soreness of an aching back. The warmth really loosens up my back and makes it easier to stand and walk after sitting down for long periods of time. I highly endorse Capzasin HP as the most effective pain cream remedy.

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