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k cup couponsIn one word I can explain why so many keurig coffee maker owners are looking for discount k cups and k cup coupons: Guilt. Let’s face it, nobody can drink just one cup of their favorite Keurig brewed coffee. I’m no different than the rest of the Keurig Single Cup coffee brewer owners out there. It is way too easy and convenient to pop in a new k cup every time I desire another freshly brewed Pikes Place Roast by Starbucks. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy on the wallet. The typical Starbucks brand costs around 86 cents a k cup if you but it in the 16-Pack boxes at the grocery store. The other brands like Caribou, Coffee People, Green Mountain, etc., are a little cheaper at 66 cents a cup. 66 or even 88 cents may sound cheap for an 8 ounce cup of coffee at your local Barista, but it’s an expensive habit for your every day coffee drinking at home. Between my wife and I, we require about 5 Cups of coffee a day. Even at 66 cents each, that’s $102.30 a month on coffee – a pretty expensive ritual, indeed. On the contrary, a traditional pot or two of coffee each day adds up to no more than $25.00 a month – or 17 cents a cup. While most of us might be willing to pay a little more for the quality and convenience of Keurig K cups, the guilt comes in when we recognize we’re paying over 5 times as much to enjoy our coffee habit..Now, if we could get our price of K Cups down to .50 cents each or less, I think we could justify the difference. This is where my search for Discount K Cups and K Cup Coupons begins.

Where to find K Cup Coupons

The best K Cup Coupons I’ve ever found was the offer that was included with my most recent purchase of a Keurig Classic Single Cup Brewer. The offer allowed me to select two, 24-Pack boxes and get two free directly from Keurig directly. I was skeptical that becauseGreenMountain is the original partner of the Keurig Coffee brewer that the selection of coffee k cups would be limited to just theGreenMountain brand itself. I was glad to see that this was not the case. In fact, the Online Keurig Coffee store has the largest selection anywhere and even includes my favorite, best tasting brands like Caribou, Starbucks and Barista Prima. With these K Cups Coupons, you are able to get them for half off. I bought 4ea, 24-Pack boxes of K Cups for $30.00, including shipment. Because there was no tax, my net cost was only about 31 cents per, guilt-free cup. Obviously, those coupons cannot be used all the time unless you plan on buying a new Keurig brewer every month. The other way is to buy bulk packages of K Cup Coupons online. One example is that for $3.00, online you can buy a 20-pack of $1.50 per box of Starbucks 16-Pack K cups. This may not sound like much of a discount, but if it saves you a $1.50 off of $13.88 everytime you buy a box of Starbucks K Cups at your store, it can really add up.

Where to Find Discount K Cups

discount k cupsIf you’re looking for discount k cups, your best bet is to buy in large quantities. This is not a big deal if you find one you like to drink regularly, because in the long run, it will save you money. You can find the popular Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee for about 60 cents a cup in 200-Pack Cup boxes. You can also get the 50 and 100 packs of Coffee People Jet fuel for about the same price: 60 cents a package. Depending on your location, there is no tax and shipping is always free. Green Mountain sells online their 96-Pack boxes of Breakfast Blend and/or any other flavor for $62.95. (That’s 66 cents a cup).

The best in-store deals I’ve found is at Costco. You can buy 80-Packs of various brands of K Cups at Costco for $38.00 (That’s only 48 cents a cup.) They also sell the Starbucks in any variety in 54-Packs for $38.00. (That’s 70 cents a cup.) Various online store deals for discount k cups are below.
If you can offer any other places to find discount k cups or k cup coupons, please leave us comments and information below.

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