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Tasin TS 108Below is the original review on the Tasin TS-108 Meat Grinder which is essentially the same thing as the STX Inernational STX-3000-TF Turboforce which is now only $149.80 on Amazon.

Sometimes I get so excited about a product that I have to review it before I even try it. After some exhaustive research on electric meat grinders, I just ordered the Tasin TS-108.
I am looking forward to this as much as a kid looks forward to a Playstation 3 for Christmas. One of the top reasons I chose this particular electric meat grinder over all the others is that it seemed to the very favorite of those who are actually using it for my very same purpose: Making homemade, raw cat food or dog food. I viewed a very detailed video demonstration of how this meat grinder could be used to make a raw cat food recipe with the same ingredients I wished to use. (You can view this You Tube Video of the TS-108 in action at the bottom of the page). As demonstrated by the video, this electric meat grinder makes quick work of whole cuts of meat and bones. This Tasin meat grinder easily handles and grinds-up the bones in raw meat like turkey, chicken, hen and other poultry products. This is perfect for making a delicious raw food recipe for cats or dogs. Dogs and cats need the nutrients from the bones and skin on raw meet. We tried buying our own raw cat food in a brand called, Rad Cat. This is an excellent product, but shipping, handling and the middle men who bring it to the pet stores make it cost prohibitive  as a long term solution for feeding our two cats. I knew there was a better way, but it would require a high quality electric meat grinder to make it possible. Of all of my research, this is the one that comes out on top for a few reasons:

Benefits of the Tasin TS-108 Electric Meat Grinder

Meat and Bone Grinding Horsepower

The Tasin has a 1200 watts motor. This is 3-times as much as some of the other brands that our selling for under $100 at Walmart, Amazon and other retailers. The meat grinder is built with the quality you’d expect from electric meat grinder. I didn’t want to go with an under-powered, cheap home-style meat grinder. The strong motor is what sold me first on the TS-108 model.

Quality Materials Workmanship and Properties

Unlike other other electric meat grinders, the parts are not all cheap plastic.  The Feed Pans are made from aluminum alloy and the mesh plates and blades are made from sturdy carbon steel. More importantly, the internal gears are made from metal rather than plastic on some of the other electric meat grinders, which will eventually wear out. The body and functions of the Tasin is made from heat-resistant ABs Plastic, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any cheap plastic parts cracking or breaking off.  The TS-108 weights 16 lbs and comes with #12 sized Grinder and a 2.5″ diameter mouth.  Having compared other models, the #12 and 2.5″ diameter mouth seems to be the perfect size for an electric meat grinder.

Features and Accessories

There is not a whole lot of room for bells, whistles and technological gadgetry on an electric meat grinder.  The TS-108 unit is equipped with an on/off switch as well as a reverse setting for un-jamming. One nice little touch  is an internal storage compartment for extra plates and cords.  The TS-108 does come equipped  a kubbe, sausage stuffer and a plunger. I’m not sure what either the kubbe or plunger are, but I will definitely be looking up some sausage recipes.  For the reasonable price of $150, I also got an extra, stainless-steel blade which is reportedly worth $15.00. I did not one small complaint about the Tasin TS-108. The parts are not dishwasher safe, though they advertise the detachable cap, worm and head as hand-washable for easy cleaning.  The motor is CE certified and comes with a circuit breaker to prevent damage to the motor.  The unit comes with a 1 year warranty. I paid $158.00 and some change for the Tasin TS-108 Electric meat grinder. For what I spend on raw cat food, I expect the Tasin TS-108 to pay for itself well within the 1-year warranty. While, the solid construction and features of the Tasin TS-108 seem impressive enough, how does it all operate?

Tasin TS-108 Electric Meat Grinder in Action

Here is an impressive video demonstration of how easily meat and bones are ground up through the Tasin TS-108 Meat grinder.


8 thoughts on “Tasin TS-108 Meat Grinder”

  1. Excellent video! I am exicted about making my own cat food. My cat has mega-colon, and won’t eat the special low-residue canned food that was recommended for him. My veterinarian encouraged me to make my own food, following the recipe and directions at Catinfo.org. I cut up a little turkey thigh just to see if he would like it, and he ate it like there was no tomorrow! As soon as I get my grinder, I can get to work making him a “happy cat”! Thank you so much for making this wonderful video.
    Jim Hesketh

  2. I use my meat grinder, and put parts in the dishwasher, they came
    out black. I’m trying to find out what this medal , that looks shiney, then
    when you wash it , black, and all on my hands. help

    • I just read in the manual that none of the parts should be washed in the dishwasher. Maybe there’s something in the detergent that causes the discoloration.

  3. The grinder actually has a 2″ diameter throat so the description above by the person that made this review is a little bit off. The Kubbe attachment is used to make Middle Eastern dish that uses dough. The plunger / stomper is used to push the meat from the tray down into the grinder throat during grinding. Should you have any questions please email or call One Stop Jerky Shop, we would be happy to assist you in any way.

    To answer the question about the dark feed parts, you can not put these parts in a dishwasher, it will remove the protective coating. Once this happens the parts would need to be replaced. Simple hand washing in warm soapy water is ll that is needed and use a standard dish soap (not antibacterial). If you are concerned about bacteria we carry a surface sanitizer that is safe to use on this meat grinder, your counters and cutting boards.

  4. I ordered the Tasin TS 108 July 2017. It came with a loose auger pin. The online store I ordered it from replaced the part containing the pin after I sent them photos about two months later. It is a recommended grinder all across the boards for making raw cat food. Grinding chicken bones will not void the warranty. The store owner told me so himself. I use it for grinding chicken thighs for my cats. I remove the meat first from the bones. I use it approx one time per month, grinding just 6 pounds. The auger pin just fell off the replacement part while I was rinsing/cleaning it after grinding. That is two faulty pins in less than one year. I don’t expect it to be replaced again, but I will call the store on Monday, and don’t really want a replacement part, because it seems pointless if it will be the same poor quality. I am surprised by all the excellent reviews on this grinder. Can I be the only one this is happening to? Spent $213 with shipping, extra blades, etc. Very bummed.

    • One Stop Jerky Shop – Kim, we apologize for the issues may have had with the grinder and it could be just bad luck with the pin issue or if you had the locking ring too loose this would allow the plate to continually put excess pressure on the pin. Either way we are here to assist you and if a replacement grinder head is needed we are here to do so and stand by the product. If you don’t notify us directly about the issue we can’t notify our manufacturer to get the problem resolved if there is one. Let us know if there is anything we can do further to assist you and again apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

  5. The original poster recommends turkey bones through this machine.
    The owners manual does not.
    Has anyone have experience grinding turkey bones?

    • Andrea,

      I used mine all the time for making raw turkey cat food, bones and all and never had any problems. This why I bought the machine. Can anyone else share their experience with bones?


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