O Face Horsetooth Hot Sauce

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horsetooth hot sauce

Put on your O Face

The first time I tried O Face Horsetooth Hot Sauce anyone could tell by my own “O Face”  that this savory Habanero sauce is aptly named. But, the reason for my expressive o face isn’t what you think. It has nothing to do with the heat of the Habanero heat, but everything to do with the flavor. The Horsetooth hot sauce people are selling their product short if they think the heat is the only reason the sauce will make you say, “oh”. Habanero’s  have always been one of my favorite peppers, not so much because they are hot but for their earthy, exotic flavor. If you can get past the heat, habanero’s are the tastiest peppers on earth. The key is for the habanero peppers not to be so ridiculously hot that they you can’t enjoy the flavor – and I think the Horsetooth hot sauce people have accomplished this feat with their O Face habanero sauce.


The Real Reason for an O Face

o faceThe real reason for the o face is that the flavor of this sauce is oh-so-good. O Face Hot sauce is made from Habaneros, Cantaloupe and Sweet Carrots.  It’s flavor alone will literally make you say, ‘oh’ and the heat is just the icing on the expression, so to speak. The bottle is also filled with black pepper and tangy vinegar, but the #1 ingredient is indeed habanero peppers. The result is an orange, flavorful, tangy, spicy and sweet mixture of habanero peppers, black pepper and fruit. O Face is no where near as hot as Dave’s Insanity sauce, but it is a much tastier and more useful sauce as I’ll explain:


How to use O Face Hot Sauce

Many years ago, I discovered that habanero sauce is the best thing you can use on a dry piece of chicken, pork, turkey or steak. The habanero peppers, for some reason liven up the flavor, turning a ‘ho-hum’ face into an ‘o face’. Aside from just using O Face on your plate for dipping meats and chips, it makes an excellent marinade. O Face already has everything you need in the way of sweetness, tang, vinegar and spice to be used as a perfect marinade. Yesterday I had some rather bland, left-over sirloin steak. I chopped it up into bit sized pieces, doused it with the horsetooth hot sauce and stored in a bag overnight. The result was a delicious lunch bursting with flavor.  I would be tempted to use o face as a salad dressing. It would be especially good on a Taco Salad.


Other Flavors from Horsetooth Hot Sauce Company

Horsetooth hot sauce is made just 50 miles north of me in Fort Collins Colorado. They produce six other hot sauces with interesting names.


  1. The Green
  2. Naughty # 4
  3. Rubin’s Red
  4. Rubin’s XXX
  5. Smokestack Lightening
  6. Melt Your Face (For a Limited Time)


Horsetooth Hot Sauce Ratings

I have not had the chance to try the other six flavors from the Horsetooth Hot Sauce company, but this one gets my highest rating.

  • O Face Hot Sauce: 98


Order a bottle or two of this today – you will be glad you did.

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