The Myth about Steak Sauce

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a1 steak sauce

“Pass the A1 steak sauce.”

“Don’t you dare ruin that good steak with steak sauce!”  How many times have you reached for the Heinz 57 or A1 Steak sauce only to get scolded as if you were about to do something sacrilegious or just plain evil and insane? It’s as if you were accused of dousing your neighbor’s steak with arsenic. Who’s the one eating it, anyway? I think it’s happened to all of us at one time or another. Even those of us who have accused others of ruining a really good steak have done the same thing ourselves at one time or another – and we all do it for the same reason: we want to make something good even better. A tender, pink and juicy Filet is hard to beat on its own, or is it? Can you possibly make that pink, juicy, succulent cut of beef more flavorful; richer, zestier and exciting than it already is in its own natural state? Furthermore, have you ever seen or known someone who has done such an evil deed and regretted the way it tasted? You might expect them to react in such a way as, “Gee, you’re right – that last bit of steak, smothered in A1 steak sauce was awful. I’ll never do something like that again! I sure wish I had listened to you before I ruined my steak” That’s not the typical reaction of the accused. On the contrary, the steak sauce lover has that guilty look of extreme pleasure and satisfaction and is already anticipating how they can devour their entire steak in the same manner without creating an uproar the size of the next world war. It does’t have to be this way, nor should it. In this brief, steak sauce review I will prove why it is not only acceptable to use steak sauce on an expensive cut of red meat, but desirable. Here is why you should enjoy your Heinz 57 and A1 steak sauce guilt free.

The Myth about Steak Sauce

Steak Sauce is Like a Good Bottle of Wine

If you want to enjoy your steak sauce without having to make excuses or apologize for it, you will need to educate those purist-steak snobs who are dining with you. Like wine, a good steak sauce does not hide the flavor of the meat you are eating, it enhances it.  How would your dining partners feel if you asked them the same question they asked you earlier: “You’re not going to ruin that good steak with that  bottle of dry, red Cabernet are you?” They might think you are nuts for asking such a question, but in essence is the very same thing as having steak sauce with your steak.The myth about steak sauce is that it ruins a good steak. Not so. The vinegar acids, sugars and alcohol from the wine enhances the flavor of steak in the very same way as your steak sauce. Now, obviously a bad steak sauce can overpower a good steak. The purpose of the steak sauce is to provide just enough subtle acid and sweetness to bring out the meat’s natural flavor. It is a myth that a good steak sauce is only for a bad steak. In fact, the better the steak, the better it tastes with a good steak sauce. So, which steak sauce do we choose and why?

A1 vs Heinz 57 Steak Sauce

heinz 57 steak sauceI realize there are a large number of steak sauce brands on the market. It is not the purpose of my article to review them all, but to provide some guidelines. A1 and Heinz 57 steak sauce are among the most popular and serve as a good standard for comparison of other similar brands. In my opinion, neither one of these steak sauces will ruin a good steak. Of the two types, Heinz 57 steak sauce has the stronger flavor and is therefore better suited for steaks that lack flavor. A1 steak sauce is the lighter, more subtle steak sauce and is better suited for very flavorful cuts of red meat.  Have you ever had one of those tender, juicy steaks that is perfect in every way yet lacks a beefy flavor? Heinz 57 is suited best for these kinds of steaks. The most flavorful steaks go best with A1 steak sauce. It really is liking taking a sip of Cabernet with each and every bite of meat. So, next time your friends and family members scoff at you at the dinner table between sips of their Cabernet, pass them the steak sauce and explain to them that it’s not the flavor of the steak sauce you’re enjoying, but the flavor of the steak. Teach them how even with the best steak there is always room for improvement or they wouldn’t be drinking their wine with dinner. A good steak sauce is an alternative for having wine with your meal – and there is no reason you can’t have both.


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