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K Cups Ratings

grove square coffeeIn the past couple of weeks I’ve tried two new K Cups brands; one really good and one not so good. I am not afraid to try new things especially when the price is really low. Grove Square Coffee K Cups are only $7.98 for an 18-pack. The premium brands that I’m most familiar with cost $11.88 for an 18-Pack at Walmart, including popular ones like Donut Shop Coffee, Newmans Organic Extra Bold, Green Mountain Dark Magic/Breakfast Blend and Van Houtte. Then,  last and least was the Folders Dark Silk which was cheaper, not worth the savings,  and previously ranked in last place in my previous K-Cups Coffee Ratings. Well, step aside Folgers – there is a new kid in town and he just knocked you out of the last place spot in the latest K-Cups Ratings: on Grove Square.

Grove Square Coffee Tasting Notes

Grove Square coffee tastes unlike any other coffee, I’ve ever tried, including k-cups, canned coffee and whole bean bags. I’m not sure how to describe Grove Square except for that it reminds me of instant coffee. When I brewed my first Grove Square K-Cup, I immediately noticed the aroma of coffee was missing. I feared it would be very weak, but it looked dark in my cup. It smelled sweet and tasted sweet, but not very rich and not very tasty. In fact, the smell of the coffee when you bring the cup up to your mouth is a turn-off. Though Grove Square is described on the box as a medium bodied coffee, I don’t know how anyone could tell because it simply doesn’t taste much like any type of coffee. It’s also hard to believe the claim on the box that Grove Square is made with Arabica beans. Another interesting observation: the grounds inside an unopened K-Cup Grove Square have a looser rattle to them as if the grounds are bigger. Sure enough, there were grounds left on the bottom of my cup. If you’re wondering how I could finish a whole cup of it based on my unappetizing description, I needed the caffeine. The Grove Square is not outright horrible – it just doesn’t taste like coffee.

emerils big easy bold k cupsNow that I’ve told you about the new entry in the last place slot, it’s time to tell you about the one that replaces Newman’s Organic Extra Bold in the Best K Cups Coffee category: Emeril’s Big Easy Bold. I was hesitant to try Emeril’s Big Easy Bold because the box described it on the dark side, and as a Parisian Roast. Typically, I don’t care for European Roast coffees which almost always taste over-roasted, smokey and burnt to me. Not so with Emeril’s Big Easy Bold.

Emeril’s Big Easy Bold Tasting Notes

This particular k-cups coffee is very adequately named. It is bold, yet it is easy in that it doesn’t have that over-powering taste of burnt-smokey water of some of the over-roasted European brands. It is full, bold, rich and smooth – everything I like about dark coffee. Emeril’s Big Easy Bold comes is the closest thing I’ve had to the Starbucks Tassimo T Discs which are my favorite. In fact, when the Starbucks K Cups come out, they better be competitively priced, or they may lose my business to Emeril’s Big Easy Bold.

If you made the same mistake I did buying the Grove Square, just save the remaining k-cups for your boss or other unwanted guests who ask for a cup of coffee next time they visit.

K Cups Coffee Ratings

k cups ratings5-stars is the highest

    1. Emeril’s Big Easy Bold: 4.75
    2. Newman’s Organic Extra Bold: 4.5
    3. Green Mountain Sumatra: 4.45
    4. Donut Shop: 4.40
    5. Green Mountain Breakfast Blend: 4.00
    6. Van Houtte Kenya Kilmandjaro K-Cup: 3.95
    7. Folgers Black Silk K-Cup: 3.00
    8. Grove Square Coffee: 1.00


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