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caribou obsidianIn the last couple of weeks, I’ve had to continue updating my ratings on the best k cups. When I learned that Starbucks K Cups would be coming out in November, I stopped by my local Walmart and Target at least once every other day to see if they were on the shelves. Each time, I ended up buying 18-pack box of something else to tide me over until the Starbucks is finally here. Last week, I reviewed the worst and the best in Grove Square (yuck) and Emeril Big Easy Bold (excellent). Once again, I need to revise my ratings and put a new one on the very top: Caribou Obsidian. I can describe Carbibou Obsidian in one word:  Delicious. Wait a minute – something’s missing. Let’s add a few adjectives:  bold, complex, smooth and deep. Will there be any reason to buy Starbucks after this? It depends on the price.

Price of Caribou Obsidian K-Cups

An 18-Pack of Caribou Obsidian K-Cups costs the same at Walmart as most of my other favorite brands: $11.88. I did notice another brand at my local Target store which looked suspiciously like Starbucks: Barista Prima, which sells for $14.95 for an 18-Pack in familiar Starbuck varieties like Breakfast Blend and Columbian. Honestly, I’m glad that I didn’t try the Barista Prima at that high price. The Caribou Obsidian K-Cups will be very difficult, even for Starbucks to beat. If Caribou Obsidian is priced considerably lower, it’s going to be hard for me to justify buying Starbucks. That appears to be the case.

Starbucks K Cups Available Now at Costco

Through, I found out that Costco is now advertising Starbucks Verona K-Cups at $36.00 for a 54-Pack. That’s 67 cents a cup. There are other brands of K-Cups at Costco in an 80-Pack selling for .45 cents a cup. Even in the small, 18-Pack, Caribou Obsidian is only 66 cents a cup. If I can find Caribou Obsidian in the 80-pack for 45 cents a cup, I’ll forget all about the Starbucks K Cups. So, here are the new K Cups Ratings.

Latest K Cups Coffee Ratings

5-stars is the highest

  1. Caribou Obsidian: 4.90
  2. Emeril’s Big Easy Bold: 4.75
  3. Newman’s Organic Extra Bold: 4.5
  4. Green Mountain Sumatra: 4.45
  5. Donut Shop: 4.40
  6. Green Mountain Breakfast Blend: 4.00
  7. Van Houtte Kenya Kilmandjaro K-Cup: 3.95
  8. Folgers Black Silk K-Cup: 3.00
  9. Grove Square Coffee: 1.00

As of this writing, Caribou Obsidian K-Cups are my favorite.

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