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Wahl Lithium Ion TrimmerCan a Wahl lithium ion Trimmer for under $50.00 replace a good Braun Electric Razor? We’re about to find out. My 5 year-old Braun Electric razor broke about 6 months ago. I was too cheap to replace it with a new one. Besides, nothing beats the close shave of an old fashioned razor blade. It took me a while to master the use of the blade and shaving cream before I could finish an entire shave with out nicking my chin and bleeding profusely for several minutes.  After some practice though, I was able to shave just as fast with the blade as with my old Braun electric razor and with much closer, smoother results.  What I didn’t realize is that I do like to grow a goatee once or twice a year. How would I trim it?

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Why I chose the Wahl Trimmer
Mens electric razors seem to have really gone up in price. I was unable to find anything similar to my Braun which only cost $35.00 at Best Buy a few years ago. I remembered Walmart having a pretty good price on Remington electric razors when I bought my son one for Christmas last year, but I wanted something a little more versatile. I found the answer once again at Walmart.  If there is one word that best describes the Wahl Ion Trimmer, it is versatility due to the fact it is equipped with 17 attachments made to shave just about every part of the body where hair grazes.  The Wahl trimmer was only $39.95 compared to the $81.00 Braun sitting right next to it. I was skeptical of the Wahl due to it’s small shaving surface for the face, but figured at the very least it would be great for mustaches, goatees, bears and sideburns. This is one of those times I decided to purchase before reading the reviews.  I planned on reading some of the Amazon reviews before I removed the Wahl trimmer from the box and here is what I found:

Wahl Lithium Ion Trimmer Reviews and Ratings

58 users of the Wahl Trimmer kit gave it an average rating of 4.5 stars. That is a pretty lofty rating for any product, let alone electric razors which always seem to leave much to be desired among Amazon reviewers.  The strengths of the Wahl trimmer cited had mostly to do with the powerful battery, quick charging and long lasting battery. Some users noted that the closeness of the shave is equivalent to a 5 o’clock shadow which is aptly described as such in the manual. Oddly, others noted that the shave was very close. Some users indicated that the quality of the handle was somewhat poor with the chrome discoloring after a short time. Most users seem to be in agreement that Wahl lithium ion trimmer is a very versatile shaver which is best suited for trimming, mustaches, beards and side-burns. Puzzling, is the fact that a small, minority  of Wahl lithium ion users were very disappointed in the trimmer and only gave it one star complaining that the unit didn’t charge properly or that the blades were dull and useless.  If there were not literally dozens of other satisfied users, the complaints of a few might have been enough to scare me away from trying it. I’ve read enough positive reviews to believe it’s worth opening up the box and giving the Wahl lithium ion trimmer a try tomorrow morning. Please bookmark this review and check back soon for the results.

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