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Starbucks K CupsStarbucks K Cups are almost here! The suspense is killing me. How much will they cost? Will they come in 12-Cup, 18-Cup, 24-Cup, 50-Cup boxes? Or will they be available in 80-Cup boxes like the Newman’s Own Organic Coffee that I buy from Costco?  And will the Starbucks K Cups taste as good as the Starbucks Tassimo K Cups which are no longer made? I foolishly bought a Bosch Tassimo brewer a few months ago before reading the disheartening news that Starbucks would no longer be making coffee for it.  Starbucks is the main reason I chose the Tassimo in the first place.  Fortunately, I bought a Mr Coffee Keurig for the office at Costco a few months ago for just $69.00. So, I will have the privilege of buying Starbucks K Cups for it when they arrive at the stores in November.  The one thing I did learn is that nothing comes close to the Starbucks t-discs I buy for the Tassimo. The Gevalia coffee is about as flavorless as you can get and virtually all the K Cups made for the Keurig are superior. Most of the K Cups brands I’ve bought for the Keurig are tasty enough that Starbucks is practically not necessary.

keurig delivers knock out punch

The K Cups Donut Store Coffee and Newmans Extra Bold are excellent. To save money, I buy the Newmans extra bold in 80-count k cup boxes at Costco for about $35.00. That’s 44 cents for a cup of coffee that’s almost as good as Starbucks. Without Starbucks for the Tassimo, the Keurig brewer choices blows away anything else that’s available for the Tassimo. Isn’t it unbelievable how the Tassimo company could lose their best business partner in Starbucks to a competitor that already has infinitely more coffee choices? Honestly, I haven’t even tried half of the K-Cups brands that are available at my own supermarket, let alone the dozens of other choices available online and at specialty retailers. Who is managing Tassimo’s business and how do they still have a job?  Or, do they still have a job?  I think Keurig has delivered the knock out punch with the announcement of the Starbucks K Cups deal. Enough crying over spilled coffee, let’s talk about what’s coming out for lucky Keurig owners this November:

Not only will Starbucks K Cups be available next month, we won’t even have to look very far to find them. The Huffington Post reports  that we’ll be able to find Starbucks at retailers like Walmart and Target.  For some odd reason, Starbucks will not sell the K Cups at their own store locations until next year and they won’t be available in Canada until March 2012. Looks like you’ll be able to get these K Cups in some of Starbucks most popular flavors: Breakfast Blend, Sumatran, Pikes Roast, French Roast and House Blend. Unlike Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee which for some dumb reason is only sold at Dunkin’ Donuts shops that don’t exist in most states of the U.S, Starbucks realizes they stand to make more money selling coffee at the major retailers. Oh, and they’ll even be making the K Cups Tazo tea available too. And I’ve found the answer to another one of my  question: It looks like you’ll be able to buy Starbucks K Cups in 10, 16 and 54-Count Boxes.  Hopefully, Costco will jump on the bandwagon and give me something that’s competitive with the 80-Packs I buy for $35.00, but I won’t hold my breath. Starbucks has always been expensive, but worth it.

I would expect Tassimo brewers and T-Disc sales to drop like flies while the sales of all types of Keurig brewers to break records in time for Christmas. Until we know the pricing on the Starbucks K Cups,  I won’t make any prediction about which coffee brand sells the best. Keurig has plenty of good choices.

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