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Pearl Vodka

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Pearl vodka is my new, favorite vodka for making straight-up, martinis with two olives. I like my martinis very dry with little or no olive juice. Who would waste good money on vodka and put olive juice in it? Not me, but maybe that’s just me. I never did understand the dirty martini craze. Of all of the different wines, foods and liquors I’ve tasted and reviewed, I think vodka is not only the most difficult to rate, but the most disagreed upon substance known to man. I frequently visit the VodkaBuzz website where I often don’t agree with the reviews. It was of no surprise to me that Pearl had a poor rating: 2 out of 5 stars. Pearl is a completely misunderstood and under-rated vodka now let me tell you why:

What Makes a Good Vodka?

Let’s be honest. The majority of alcohols we drink are deeper and richer, tasting than vodka. Vodka is most commonly used as either a mixer or a martini. Even the once popular classic martini is getting doused these days with either olive juice or some type of fruity, syrup. I think the majority of vodka drinkers are looking for as little flavor as possible without the bite of 80 proof alcohol. While there is nothing wrong with that, I think that mindset has caused the characteristics of a good vodka to become greatly unnoticed or underrated. Would we want our bourbon, tequila, scotch or gin to have as little flavor as possible? Like any good drink, vodka should be smooth, but that doesn’t mean it has to lack character. Martini drinkers, especially, should demand some character and flavor from their vodka. So, to understand what makes a good Vodka we should agree on what does not a good vodka make: a flavorless, clear alcohol. If you truly want to taste and enjoy a good sipping vodka, here is what you will love about Pearl.

Pearl Vodka Tasting Notes

Pearl vodka will be a complete mystery to you if you are to judge it only by its subtle aroma. There is very little burn to the nose which might make you believe you are about to drink something which seems very familiar and agreeable to you. For those who are after something which is rather ordinary in a vodka, you will either feel sadly misled or pleasantly surprised after your first swallow. I first tasted Pearl after priming my taste buds with a shot of my standby, familiar favorite and affordable Ruskova Russian vodka. I was immediately intrigued by the mellow, yet substantive, after-taste which filled my senses with caramel, vanilla, and dare I say – Scotch? Wow. My senses were certainly captivated. Deciding to put the brakes on my intrigue, I made my first martini with the remaining contents from Ruskova, 1.75 Liter Bottle. I must admit, I had a hard time concentrating on my first martini. My thoughts kept going back to the Pearl and how much different my experience might be had I used that to make my first martini. I drank the first one rather quickly and eagerly went back to the Pearl to make my second martini. Pearl made the best martini I have ever tasted. The caramel, vanilla and scotch flavors were just as I remembered them from my first taste. There was very little burn. Pearl vodka is a liquor that has far better character and taste than the typical, colorless alcoholic chemical we think should be vodka. I’ll give you my pearl vodka rating:

Pearl Vodka Final Rating

My Rating on Pearl Vodka: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]
The only reason that I didn’t give Pearl a perfect 5 out of 5-star rating is that it would leave no room for something better. Is there as such a thing as perfection? Pearl vodka will certainly make you think twice before answering that question.

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