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Old Chub BeerWhile the name, Old Chub, might sound like pipe tobacco, a fishing lure or a plump old man, I assure you it is beer. Old Chub Beer comes in a can and a 6-pack sells for $8 to $9 dollars. Rated at 8% alcohol, Old Chub, is a very strong, dark scotch ale beer. I learned about Old Chub from a friend, whom recommended it when I explained to him how crazy I was about the pricey, thick-syrupy, chocolate-molasses Bourbon Barrel Stout that costs $16.00 per 750 ml bottle. So how does it taste?

Old Chub Beer Tasting Notes

You can smell the caramel darkness of Old Chubbefore you even take that first sip. I thought it was a bit more pungent, but not as thick with molasses as the Bourbon Barrel Stout. The first sip packs a pretty good punch and goes down warm. It has plenty of caramel and butter-scotch flavor, without the chocolate and molasses of the Bourbon Barrel Stout. Unlike the Bourbon Barrel Stout, the Old Chub leaves a bit of a bitter aftertaste near the back of the tongue, but it is really not that unpleasant. I think Old Chub would be even better served not quite so cold – just a little bit below room temperature. You’ll definitely want to drink Old Chub out of a glass or porcelain mug. It gets better tasting the more you drink. By the time, I took the last sip of Old Chub, I was ready to pour the next one. Those who think they don’t like dark beers might have a different opinion of them after tasting Old Chub. While Old Chub Scottish Ale is certainly not of the high quality, smoothness and complexity of the
Bourbon Barrel Stout,  it offers you a much cheaper alternative when you’re in the mood for a very rich, good dark beer. So, where does Old Chub come from and where do you buy it?

Where to find Old Chub Beer

Oscar Blues BreweryOld Chub is made by Oscar Blues Brewery in Lyons,Colorado. Oscar Blues makes 5 other brews: Dale’s Pale Ale, G’Knight Imperial Red, Mama’s Little Yella Pills, Ten Fidy and Gubna. If the taste of the beer isn’t interesting enough, you can always fall back on the names. Oscar Blues also have a variety of different brews that they serve on Tap. Oscar Blues is not only a brewery, but a bar and grill featuring down-home cookin’ and blues music. Really, this looks like a fun place to visit. Old Chub is a fun and hearty which has piqued my interest in trying all of their other brews.

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