How to Clean a Keurig Coffee Maker

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how to clean a keurig coffee maker

There is nothing worse than the anticipation of a good, strong cup of coffee only to find that your brewer decided to stop working.  I started brewing a cup of coffee in my Mr Coffee Keurig Brewer this morning, then stepped away to my computer desk to give it time to do its job. When I came back to the Keurig machine two minutes later, the brewing process had finished but there was only a dribble of coffee at the bottom of my cup. A full cup of water remained in the Keurig reservoir. I’ve been told how to clean a Kuerig Coffee maker, but didn’t think it was necessary. I normally just run a cup of water through the brewer every day just to keep excess grinds of coffee out of my cup. Apparently, that is not good enough.  I took a look inside of the brewing mechanism and it was pretty gunked up with old coffee grinds and scum.  After some quick online research, I’ve determined there are two of three steps you need to take to get your Keurig brewer clean.  Step 1 is mandatory; steps 2 and 3 are interchangeable.

3 Steps to Clean a Keurig Coffee Maker

Clean Keurig Coffee Maker with Vinegar

  1. Use Vinegar:
    Run a full cup of Vinegar through the brewer. Repeat and brew four times by just pouring the same hot vinegar through the machine each time. This will clean the inside of the mechanism and completely descale your unit. Vinegar is a great cleaning tool for any coffee maker and will probably get your machine brewing properly. On the other hand, however,  what can you do about all the gunk and slime that’s on the outside of the mechanism? (See Picture Below)
  2. Wipe Clean:
    Take some q-tips and wet paper towel and wipe the surface clean. Due to the instruments small and sharp nooks and cranny, this is not easy. Press the q-tips into a small section of paper towel and push the paper in and around all of the corners and sides. You can use the vinegar too for moisture.
  3. Take Keurig to Sink
    Unplug the unit and take your Keurig over to the kitchen sink. Just be careful to keep the your cord out of the way as you run warm water through the inside of the mechanism until it is clean. A much better way to clean this would be to remove the brewing mechanism, but this is not an option. Or is it?

Tempting Way to REALLY get your Keurig Brewer Clean

Dirty Keurig Brewer
This might work, but caution: Could end up being an article about How to Clean a Keurig Coffee Maker: NOT.
On the inside of the mechanism are 3 little screws. See close up of one screw pictured to the left. It appears that the entire inside of the brewer parts can be removed by taking out these little screws. Attempt this at your own risk and with great caution – and use a good screw driver which fits the screws exactly right. When I attempted to remove one of the screws, I could feel the metal of the screw begin to strip from the force of the screw driver. That was all the convincing I needed to give up on this idea. Getting the brewing mechanism half-removed and ending up with a couple of stripped screws could end up a real headache, if not completely ruin the Keurig Coffee Maker. You wonder: Why in the world didn’t they make it so this part can be  removed as it is with the Tassimo Brewer.

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