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Eristoff VodkaEristoff Vodka is a triple-distilled, bargain-priced vodka made in France. To me, premium vodkas are a rip-off. The top-shelf brands in the elegant bottles like Grey Goose are overpriced. It is my belief that the majority of people who pay a pretty penny for these expensive vodkas could buy brands for less than 1/2 the price and be just as happy with the smoothness and flavor. It is really tragic to pay good money for vodka than mix it with sour, cranberry juice or a dirty martini full of salty, olive juice.  Don’t get me wrong, some vodkas are better than others, but don’t think you have to pay a Grey Goose or Ketel One price to enjoy a good clean taste. There are 1.75 Liter brands selling for less than $21.00 that will satisfy most people. Is Eristoff Vodka  one of those that compares favorably to the top-shelf brands?

Eristoff vs Top Shelf Vodka Brands

Taaka is the cheap vodka brand which all cheap vodkas are to be compared, in my opinion. No, Taaka is not a great vodka by any means, but for the price just about anyone can learn to mix with it in such a way to make it tolerable. Eristoff is appreciably better than Taaka and probably better than most vodkas in the $20.00-and-under per 1.75 Liter bottle price range.  Eristoff is a wheat-based alcohol, so stay clear of this if you have any severe gluten allergies or aversions to wheat-based food products. Eristoff has a very sharp, bitter front to it. Almost bitter enough that it hides any of it’s vanilla-sweet over-tones. The pepper is extreme to the point where it is almost hot. I noticed a bit of caramel in the taste, but only after some real effort getting past the front-of-the-mouth, sharpness that rings long after you’ve downed the first swallow.  The good news, however, is that the bitterness does not follow it’s way down your esophagus and into your gut like Taaka and some of the other bargain-priced vodkas. Eristoff vodka actually has a smooth, sugary finish. If you’re not expecting too much for your $17.00, you won’t be too disappointed. That is, unless you’ve been drinking Ruskova, another bargain-priced vodka made in Russian that is much better, all-around. I have been getting Ruskova at my Costco Liquor store for $13.00 per 1.75 Liter bottle. Ruskova is smoother up front with more vanilla and much better, overall flavor than Eristoff. For a few bucks more you can buy Svedka which according to some people is among the best.

Vodka is a peculiar alcohol to rate with extremely varying opinions, so don’t go by my word alone. I remember thinking that Sobieski Vodka was over-rated, yet some vodka drinkers insist that it is the best you can buy for under $20.00. My hunch is that if you tried Sobieski, Eristoff and Ruskova, the Ruskova would come out on top and save you a few bucks, too.

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