Roasting Green Chilis with the Perfect Green Chili Roaster

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Green Chili Roaster

Roasting Green Chilis Made Easy with Green Chili Roaster Tool

Roasting green chilies is easy if you have the right tool – in this case, a sausage basket, posing as a green chili roaster, pictured to the right. Have you ever wondered why your green chili doesn’t taste as full-bodied and spicy as your favorite green chili at the best Mexican restaurants?  While roasting green chilis may not be  rocket science,  it is a difficult task if you don’t have the the right tools. It’s worth the time to do it right; because nothing tastes better than a good green chili recipe.

How to Roast Green Chilis at Home

If you don’t have the right tools, the green chilis will either be under roasted; making them hard to peel, or over-roasted, in which case all the flavor is cooked out. Don’t be intimidated thinking you need the kind of green chili roaster used at sales stands outdoors; rotating over flames and being sold by the bushel.  If there is a better chili roaster, you wouldn’t know it by it’s name.

These sausage baskets (pictured below), will perfectly hold about 6, medium-to-large-size, Big Jim Green Chili peppers. The long handle handle can be placed on your grill and easily rotated and shuffling around without burning your hands. These inexpensive tools make the perfect, green chili roaster. Buy 3 or 4 of them and they will all fit on your grill at the same time. That means you can roast up to 24 Green Chilis at a time. If you’re thinking that this is going to make roasting green chilis a relatively easy task, you’re not mistaken. Here’s how you do it:
roasting green chilis

Roasting Green Chilis takes about 12 Minutes

roasted green chilisThe key to roasting green chilis is to get the outside skins cooked enough so they will peel without over-cooking them so all of the juices escape. If properly done, the green chilis will be mostly covered with black and not have any of the juices oozing out of the skins when you take them off the grill. With that said, load up your green chili roaster (sausage basket) tools, with about 6 chili peppers each. Get the grill preheated to a high flame. Place the green chili roasters on the grill; rotating, turning them frequently so they cook evenly on all sides. Be careful not to over-heat or burn the green chilis. I’ve found that I can roast the green chilis in about 12 minutes if I’m in front of the grill; watching them at all times.
Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the above tools are for just grilling sausages and hot dogs. Indeed, what you have here is a good way to roast those green chilis.

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