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bourbon barrel stoutIf you love a rich, dark, full-bodied, complex beer, you’ll love Bourbon Barrel Stout by Odell Brewing. When I toured the Odell Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado, I had absolutely no idea that I would leave the place craving a rich and creamy bourbon barrel stout. Having never even tried it, I knew I would love it just by the tour guide’s taste description:

Tasting Notes: Sweet milk chocolate, smooth vanilla and coffee beans; aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for that extra taste of oak and caramel. Does that not sound delicious? It sure does to me, but that is only one of the reasons I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

10.5% Alcohol

I love a beer that is not only stout in taste and thickness, but alcohol as well. I tend to get filled up too quickly on beer. With bourbon barrel stout you don’t need to drink as much to enjoy a good buzz along with its exceptional taste.  I was very impressed with the Odell Brewing company. Odell is a great company; with a small-company feel of a micro brewery, but the production of very big, hearty beers. I’m not a big fan of a lot of the Odell classic beers like 90 Schilling, 5 Barrel Pale Ale, etc.. Don’t get me wrong these are very good beers, but I’m not a fan of the perfume-citrus type flavors of these beers. The Odell Brewing tour gives you a very good chance to sample what they have: For $4.00 you can sample their classics: 90 Schilling, 5 Barrel Pale Ale, Levity Amber Ale, Easy Street Wheat Beer,  IPA and Cutthroat Porter. I love a dark beer, so the Porter is one of my favorites. For $8.00, the Odell Tour will give you a sampling of their more complex, seasonal beers such as St. Lupulin,  Isolation Ale, Red, Myrcenary and Double Pilsner. The Double Pilsner, at 8.1% alcohol is very good! There are some real good ones in the batch at the Odell tour, but sadly all I could think about was the Bourbon Stout Barrel which the tour guide announced would not be available until Middle of September. Well, here it is third week of September and I still have not found a liquor store with stock on the highly anticipated bourbon barrel stout. When I finally find it, I’m sure that it won’t be cheap, but well worth the wait. I will be sure to report back with a full review on this fabulous sounding beer. Meanwhile, if you’ve been fortunate enough to try it, please leave us your taste impressions below.

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