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Throw Out Your Brueggers Bagels

best bagels in denverThe best bagels in Denver are made by the Rocky Mtn Bagel factory in Indiana.  If that makes as much sense to you as it does me, join the bagel club of confusion. Actually, I’ve got nothing against Brueggers Bagels. What makes Rocky Mtn Bagels special is that that they come in a bag from the grocery store and they really are delicious. So, if you don’t reside near a great bagel shop, you can still get really bagels without having to take a long drive somewhere. And no, you don’t even have to drive all the way to Indiana where they’re made; they sell them at our local King Soopers (Kroger) Grocery story. My wife bought a baker’s dozen bag of 13. I was skeptical when I first saw them. Rarely, do I care for store-bought bagels. In fact, even most of Denver’s Bagel shops don’t make them right. Good bagels have a firm texture on the outside with fresh chewiness on the inside. Store bought bagels are usually more like bread in texture; they are either too flaky and dry or too soft. Even Einstein’s and Brueggers Bagels don’t quite get it right; though they fool everyone with their size and dazzling number of flavors and varieties. Unfortunately, the privately owned shops that use to make the best bagels in Denver have been run out of business by the big chains like Einsteins and Brueggers Bagels. Hint: A good bagel never leaves crumbs.

Rocky Mountain Bagels

When I looked inside the large bag of bagels I was encouraged by their shiny color which usually indicates they have a good firm crust. There is nothing fancy here – just plain bagels, but they looked delicious and they really were firm as I found out when I opened the bag and pulled the first one out. They are sliced just right so they don’t fall apart and there is absolutely no danger of tearing the bagel when you open them up because they are very firm and robust. Without tasting my first bite, I already knew I was going to like Rocky Mtn Bagels. These bagels are firm, lively and springy. I opened up a couple of the bagels; spread on some butter and lightly toasted them. They are even better toasted.  My wife and covered the inside of the toasted bagels with cream cheese. We both thought they were delicious.  We both agreed; These are the best in Denver.

Where to Buy the Best Bagels in Denver

There’s good news if you don’t live in Denver. Since Rocky Mtn Bagels are made in Indiana and available at our local King Soopers, you can expect to find them in your own Kroger grocery chains throughout much of the country. So, don’t think that you have to go to Denver to eat the best bagels.

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