Ignore the Awkward by Uffe Ravnskov

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Ignore the Awkward Uffe Ravnskov

Ignore the Awkward is yet another informative and enjoyable book by Uffe Ravnskov, which explains in detail how the Cholesterol Myths are Kept Alive. I’ve read Uffe Ravnskov’s other two books: The Cholesterol Myths and Fat and Cholesterol are Good for You. Each of these books would serve as a good lesson for anyone who is interested in opening their mind up to the truth on fat, cholesterol and statins.
So, how does this most recent title differ from Uffe Ravnskov’s other two books? First off, let me tell you what I know about Uffe Ravnskov, the author.

Expert on Cholesterol

Uffe Ravnskov

I am convinced that nobody knows more about Cholesterol than Dr. Uffe Ravnskov.
To be honest, it wasn’t necessary for me to read any of his three books to be convinced that the commonly accepted views and warnings of fat and cholesterol are all the result of an unfortunate, long-legged, runaway medical scam. I was educated on fat and cholesterol by Uffe Ravnskov through his websites, Cholesterol Myths and THINCS. Having become familiar with the author over the last 10 years, it is obvious to me that Uffe Ravnskov has spent the better part of his lifetime studying cholesterol. Dr. Ravnskov has delved into, analyzed and digested the critical facts and statistics of dozens, if not hundreds of cholesterol studies. The author has even performed his own meta analysis of all of these studies to prove how the popularly accepted theory on cholesterol is wrong – dangerously wrong. All of Ravnskov’s work is meticulously referenced in each of his three books. Uffe Ravnskov critically analyzes the actual data and statistics and presents logical conclusions in his books which are sometimes shocking, yet always ring truthful when you take the time to digest all of the misleading garbage we’ve been fed about cholesterol and dietary fat. While all three books certainly focus on the same topic, I believe each of them serve a useful purpose. His latest book, Ignore the Awkward is no exception.

A Most Appropriate Title

Perhaps Uffe Ravnskov didn’t have this in mind when he wrote the book, but I believe Ignore the Awkward, is an appropriate title for more reasons than what was intended.
I will give you the perfect example of this by relating a true story. Several months ago, I lended Ravnskov’s previous book, Fat and Cholesterol are Good For You, to a young man approximately half my age whom I met at a party, through my wife’s work. We’ll refer to this young man as, Frank. Frank had just been given a ‘high cholesterol’ sentence, along with a Lipitor prescription from his doctor. As I listened to him describe his irrational fear of cholesterol and insane, low-fat diet ambitions, I couldn’t help but to speak up. I told Frank everything I learned from Dr.Uffe Ravnskov. I thought perhaps that he had listened to me as he did seem a little reassured at the time. Evidently this was not the case. A week or so later, my wife overheard him bragging to co-workers about his absurd, low-fat diet dishes and how he aims to lower his cholesterol ‘naturally’ by eating completely flavorless food lacking in nutritious fat and protein. I couldn’t bear hearing this, so I gave the Fat and Cholesterol are Good For You book to my wife to give to Frank. Weeks later, I asked my wife to check on Frank and ask how the book went over with him. Frank’s reply was that he didn’t agree with the book and that he was going to continue eating the bland diet of rabbits and other grazing animals. When asked what specific information was in the book that he didn’t agree with, Frank had no answers. Obviously, he didn’t read the book – talk about Ignoring the Awkward! I’m sure Frank couldn’t get past the first page before his brainwashed mind told him that the truth was too awkward for him to believe! Weeks later, when I heard about the title for the latest cholesterol book of Uffe Ravnskov, I immediately thought of Frank. If a poor, brainwashed patient like Frank can ignore the awkward, the brainwashers themselves are experts on the topic.

Ignore the Awkward: It’s Not Just for Patients

When Uffe Ravnskov named the book, I think he really had doctors, researchers, medical companies and fat-industry food giants in mind. The gist of the book is that this is exactly what has been happening to us for decades: We are ignoring what is awkward to us. The result is the longest running medical scam in our world’s history. Uffe Ravnskov explains how the special interests of the low-fat food industries and statin drug manufacturers have successfully perpetuated this myth time and time again. But, he achieves this goal very methodically and systematically through the use of study facts, statistics and his own research analysis of these studies. Each study is footnoted and referenced at the end of every chapter. Dr. Ravnskov even tells us how to use Google or our Library to get a hold of the actual studies ourselves to verify his accuracy and reach our own conclusions. How does Ignore the Awkard compare to Ravnskov’s other three books? I’m afraid that Cholesterol Myths will always be my sentimental favorite because it was the first of his books I ever read. While all of these books do make use of the very same material, each one adds new material and includes studies which were either not available or mentioned at the time of the previous books. His latest two books; Fat and Cholesterol are Good For You and Ignore the Awkward includes a very compelling case for what really does cause heart disease. So, if there was one and only one Uffe Ravnskov book that I could use to convince someone of the fraudulent cholesterol theory, which one would I choose?
I think this most recent title might resonate the best for a patient like Frank who is being told the shocking lies about cholesterol theory for the first time. Of the three books, I thought Cholesterol Myths did the best job convincing and easing my fears with its extensive use of statistics and explanations of risk vs. relative risk. The 2nd book, Fat and Cholesterol are Good for You was a well-done update of his first book. Ignore the Awkward, I believe, does the best job elevating one’s fear of the dangers of Statin Medications. Ignore the Awkward is the easiest to read of the three books and is probably the one that is best suited for whetting the appetite of a hungry, brain-washed patient on a low-fat diet. Anyone who has trouble accepting views that are unpopular should read this book with one condition: Don’t ignore the title.

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