Green Mountain K-Cups Dark Magic Coffee

Green Mountain K-Cups Dark Magic Coffee

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Green Mountain K-Cups Dark Magic Coffee  is the most recent coffee I’ve tried for my Mr Coffee Keurig brewer and I’m not at all disappointed. My coffee roast preference ranges somewhere between medium and dark. Sometimes, coffees which are advertised as bold and dark remind me a little too much of French or Italian roast which tastes a little too burnt and smoky to me. For this reason, I was taking a little bit of a chance when I bought the Dark Magic Coffee at Walmart.

Since my two favorites: Green Mountain Sumatran and Newman’s Own Extra Bold are medium roast coffees, I was looking for a replacement similar to either of these two. Unfortunately, Walmart had neither. In fact, they did not carry any of the favorite K-Cups that I reviewed above. I tried the Nantucket (medium roast) by Green Mountain and found it to be a little bit too tart and acidic. The problem for me with the medium to lighter roast coffees is that they are often too acidic. The Newman’s and Sumatran are just about right. Of course, any flavor brewed by Starbucks Tassimo is always perfect, but there is currently nothing yet available for my Keurig. And as the linked article indicates, even Starbucks Tassimo is out of business. So, with the Dark Magic 18-pack being my best bet, I decided to give it a try. I’ll be honest, about this coffee: I really liked it.

Dark Magic Taste Test

Is Dark Magic a little bit darker than I’d like it? Yes.  Is too bold? No. Does it have some of the characteristics that I don’t like in French and Italian Roast coffees? Yes, but not overly so. I’m glad to say that the Green Mountain K-Cups Dark Magic coffee is good enough for me to drink every day. In fact, I’d rank it right up there as a close second behind either the Newman’s Extra Bold or the Green Mountain Sumatran.  Dark Magic is a good, dark, bold coffee which is very smooth and drinkable. While it doesn’t measure up to anything done by Starbucks, it deserves it’s place among the top of the Keurig K-Cups.  If you like a good amount of thick cream, Green Mountain K-Cups Dark Magic Coffee might quickly become your favorite choice.


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