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Allergy Buster
Review: Does it really work?

Allergy Buster Sinus Allergy Relief

Allergy Buster is a new rendition of the popular, all-natural nasal spray, Sinus Buster.  If you’ve read my reviews, you know that I’m a big fan of sinus buster capsaicin nasal spray. My Sinus Allergy relief needs tend to lean towards the sinus side of the equation, particularly at night when my nasal passages get stuffy while sleeping on my side. Still, there are times, after mowing the lawn, taking a walk or bike ride, when I come down with the sneezing and runny nose symptoms from allergies.  So, the question for me is: In addition to it’s supposed allergy relief benefits, will this enhanced product provide the same sinus congestion relief as Sinus Buster? 

Allergy Buster vs Sinus Buster

While Sinus Buster greatly relieves congestion, it doesn’t do me much good for the allergy symptoms.  I reluctantly use Claritin for these allergy symptoms, because it makes me drowsy. I found the new, Allergy Buster product on the shelves of Walmart where I normally would see Sinus Buster. With Sinus Buster nowhere to be seen, I took a look at the active ingredients and found that Capcicum, like Sinus Buster is at the very top of the list. But, unlike Sinus Buster, this claims to be for both Sinus Allergy Relief. Allergy Buster is essentially a Capsaicin Nasal spray with some additional ingredients: Eucalyptus and Urtica diocia. The Eucalyptus provides additional relief of sinus congestion while the Urtica diocia is designed to ease allergy symptoms.

All-Natural Sinus Allergy Relief in One Bottle

The important ingredient in Sinus Buster is of course the active hot pepper, capsicum or capsaicin. Since Allergy Buster lists this ingredient at the top of the list, I assume it is just as effective as Sinus Buster for clearing up the nose. Eucalyptus is an ingredient that is  in Alkalol that I’ve used along with the Neilmed Sinus rinse.  Eucalyptus does have a very soothing and clearing effect on sinus passages and because it’s natural, it doesn’t bother me having this extra ingredient included along with the capsicum. Not being familiar with Ortica diocia, I decided to look it up.  Urtica diocia, also known as Nettle, is a perennial leaf extract which is reported to have many health benefits, including relief of allergy rhinitis symptoms.

Does Allergy Buster Work?

Upon first use and feeling the stinging burn of the active pepper ingredients, I can say with certainty that the new allergy version is just as effective as Sinus Buster for clearing a stuffy nose. What I cannot yet answer is whether or not the Eucalyptus provides improvement over the traditional Sinus Buster formula. Also, I have not yet had the opportunity to use the allergy product at the upon the onset of severe hay fever symptoms. Needles to say, another review will be in order to report on the effectiveness of Allergy Buster as a complete, all-natural, all-in-one, sinus relief nasal spray.

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