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Snapea Crisps

Snapea Crisps are yet another attempt at taking a supposed healthy, green vegetable and making it into a delicious and crispy snack. Most people agreed with me that Veggie Straws were a great tasting snack, but not everyone agreed on the health and nutrition part of my review. I immediately though of Veggie Straws when I first opened a bag of them by Calbee. For some reason, I am a sucker for these kinds of snacks. I enjoy the texture of crunchy, salty, crispy, tasty and unusual snacks and as long as they are not chalk full of transfats, they’re healthy enough for me. But what about a snack that really goes the extra mile and is made from real vegetables? Can it actually taste good and be healthy, too? Let’s face it, we don’t all agree on what’s healthy and what’s unhealthy, but can’t we be a bit more lenient with our snacks and at least get some reasonable sense of the difference between junk food and real food? Perhaps, not as my readers of the veggie straw article might point out. So, let’s begin by examining Snapea Crisps solely from their taste and then we shall examine the ingredients and leave the healthy part up for debate.   Let’s start by reviewing the taste of these Crispy snacks by Calbee.

Snappea Crisps (Snap Pea Crisps) look, feel and smell exactly as their name implies: They are indeed exactly how you would imagine Snap Pea Crisps to be; light, airy, crispy and from first appearance are exactly like snap peas. They are also pretty much the very same size and shape as snap peas and even have a bit of an embossed texture where you imagine the peas might be located. There is nothing better than eating a snack that looks like a crispy, airy and light version of the real thing, right? Calbee Snapea Crisps do not disappoint the look-and-feel test, so how do they taste? Delicious and I by that I mean snapea crisps are really, really good. Even if you are not a Snap Pea lover (which I am not), don’t sell them short. They have enough of the flavor of real snap peas without the overpowering bitterness and tough texture. Snapea Crisps, like veggie straws, are light, crisp and airy, but they taste better. They are very lightly salted – just enough, but not too much. But don’t take my word for it – there are dozens of user popular opinions; ranging from 4 to 5 stars. Making Snap Peas crisp are a matter of good taste and Calbee has done them just right. Now, shall we talk about how healthy they are? Well, okay – if we must.

Are they Healthy?

If you believe Snap peas are healthy than you’ve gotta believe they are pretty nutritious. The number one ingredient is Snap Peas. One ingredient that some might find slightly offensive is the corn oil. I can’t see how anyone could be too critical of the health value of this delicious snack. After all, it is a snack and not part of one’s daily nutrition allowance.  Snapea Crisps are one of the tastiest and most innovative snacks I’ve ever tried. I’ll be buying another bag and soon which brings up the next question: Where do you buy these crispy critters?

Where to Buy

Many standard grocers carry Snapea Crisps. The health stores almost always carry them and you can always find them online. Check your grocery store today.


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