OCZ Modxstream Pro 600W Power Supply Review

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OCZ Modxstream Pro 600w
Modular Power Supply

If an OCZ Modxstream Pro 600W power supply doesn’t get you excited, then you probably haven’t upgraded your computer system in a while. Last weekend, I assembled a fairly high-end,  gaming computer system with my son’s graduation money. Don’t worry, it was his choice. I decided to do a component-by-component review of the entire system, beginning with the Asus VE247H reviewed and posted yesterday. The OCZ Modxstream 600 is a fairly significant part of what makes my son’s Core i7 performance system special.
Why buy the Modular Power Supply?

OCZ Pro 600W Reviewed

The term modular means that the power supply isn’t hard-wired to a bunch of power cables. The OCZ Modxstream comes neatly packaged with only the cables required to plug into the motherboard. The remaining 4-Pin and SATA Power cables are packaged separately so you only use the cables you need. More than enough cables are included with the Modxstream Pro 600W. The result is a much cleaner system, without all of the clutter and extraneous wires running all over your motherboard. Of course, being tidy is one thing, but what does the OCZ 600 Watt power provide for a high performance system? Power.

Power Specifications

High performance graphics cards are the main reason gamers, Cad designers and other computer rendering users require bigger and better power supplies. Beware of the wattage ratings on power supplies. Graphics cards power supply requirements are often more specific than the overall wattage of a power supply. The Nvidia GTS-450 Graphics card, for example, called for a 500 Watt power supply with at least 22amps on one of its 12-volt rails. The OCZ 600 has that…and if you’re worried that 600W is not enough, OCZ makes these babies in 700W, up to 1200 Watts.  Look into these OCZ Modular Power Supplies when you build your next quality system. I couldn’t be happier about the overall quiet performance and design of OZC high-performance power supplies.

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