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I Love Starbucks Tassimo
Verona T Discs

I love Starbucks coffee and I won’t apologize for admitting it. I am also not too proud to say their T-Discs are the best. Sadly, I won’t be saying that much longer since Starbucks has abandoned their relationship with the Tassimo Single Cup Brewing system several months ago.  This is a huge loss for Tassimo and fans of Starbucks coffee who own Tassimo Single-Cup Brewers. Drinking a cup of Starbucks Tassimo coffee at home is every bit as good as getting one of those piping hot cups of black coffee handed over the counter to you from your local Starbucks store, minus the heat sleeve. Countless times, I have tried other coffee roasts hoping to find a cheaper alternative to Starbucks and countless times I found myself going back to the Starbucks coffee shops and buying the big 2lb bags of Starbucks roasted coffee at my local Costco store. Nothing else measures up to Starbucks, so it is no surprise that nothing else measures up to my love for their Tassimo, either.

When I tried to convince myself that life without Starbucks Tassimo would work out okay, I was in for a rude awakening. The Tassimo marketing folks have really dropped the ball, here. There just isn’t a suitable replacement for their brewers that tastes even remotely as good as Starbucks T Discs. Unfortunately, there are so few choices at the local retailers. Tassimo searches in Google pull up gobs of information and sales on Gevalia Tassimo T Discs which about as bland and flavorless as the gourmet coffee I used to drink prior to my love affair with Starbucks. Maxwell House is okay – maybe even better than Gevalia, but doesn’t come close to Starbucks. There are some other T discs which cannot be found in retailers and are even a bit of a challenge to find online such as Carte Noire and Kenco. Hopefully, I will get the chance to try them and review them and compare them to Starbucks at a later time. For now, I love Starbucks and want to buy up as much of the remaining inventory that I can get my coffee stained hands on.

Where to Buy

Starbucks Tassimo T DIscKnowing that JC Penneys at one time carried Starbucks for Tassimo. I went to my local mall which is being demolished. (except for Sears and Penneys). Much to my pleasant surprise there was an assortment of Starbucks Tassimo Coffee which was marked down from $16.99 to $10.99 for 12 Pack T Discs. There were even three varieties: Melange Maison, Columbia and Verona.  I grabbed as many packages of Starbucks T-Discs that would fit into my arms and feeling like I still didn’t get enough. How long do Tassimo T Discs last, I wondered?  I explained to the cashier why I was buying so many: “I love these T-discs and they don’t make them anymore”, I told her.  She was no fool and mentioned that she regretted buying a Keurig when she tasted how good the Starbucks for the Tassimo tasted. Then she said with a teasing little smirk that she no longer has to regret that decision. There an infinite number of Keurig Coffee flavors at the retailers and though they aren’t as good as Starbucks Coffee, they are significantly better than Gevalia and Maxwell House. I came home and immediately brewed a cup of the Melange Maison which I had never tried before. It was delicious, but so was the Verona and Columbia that I had this morning. Of all my favorites, I think I love the Starbucks Tassimo Columbia flavor the best. There is also a very popular, highly rated Tassimo T Disc flavor that can only be found online, called African Kitamu which I have never tried. If you’re looking for Tassimo Starbuck T-Discs online, there is still time to find all of these different flavors – and none of them will disappoint.

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