DP67DEB3 Intel Core i7 Motherboard Review

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The DP67DEB3 is a genuine Intel Core i7 Motherboard. If the CPU is the brain, the motherboard is the heart and soul inside the Antec 300 ATX Chassis of my son’s high performance computer.  I decided to go with an Intel brand motherboard on his high-end Core i7 system for a couple of reasons: One, I’ve built and installed thousands of computer systems and by and large, the Intel brand motherboards were the most reliable. Two (and this goes hand-in-hand with reason #1), Intel designed the technology. The board is based on the latest Intel Core i7 technology. While there are plenty of great motherboard manufacturers like Supermicro, MSI and ASUS, Intel is the one that designed the 2nd Generation i7 and they aren’t nearly so quick to launch new products before thoroughly testing them. While other motherboard manufacturers are releasing their models based on Intel’s design, much of the genuine  Intel products are still in the labs being tested. The 2nd Generation Intel Core i7 is no exception. This is an authentic 2nd Gen board with an affordable price tag.

The DP67DEB3 Motherboard at a Glance

The DP67DEB3 supports the latest, 2nd-Generation Intel iCore Processor series, including the i3, i5 and i7 which use the new 1155 socket. . This Intel motherboard is based on the Intel P67 Express Chipset with plenty of the latest features.  To name a few: A MicroATX board equipped with 2 USB3.0 Ports,  SATA Raid 0, 1, 5 and 10. Memory on the DP67DEB3 is expandable up to 64GB of RAM using 4ea, DDR3 Memory sockets. One of the biggest improvements of the new, 2nd-gen Intel iCore technology is the speed of the USB 3.0 which is 10-times faster than USB 2.0! That’s 4800MBPS vs just 480MPBS. You don’t need the latest and fastest Core i7 Processor to get these new benefits. Even an i3 user will enjoy the benefits of the Intel i7, full-featured motherboard. What else is there to like? Overclocking is supported on this board. Intel has not always had the latest, state of the art technology and speed, but in this case they’ve sweetened things up a bit. The DP67DEB3 is not only a safe choice, but a solid performer. Like all Intel, Boxed products, the DP67DEB3 comes with a full, 3-Year warranty. While the latest 2nd-Gen systems may not match the low prices of value, AMD built systems, they won’t necessarily break your bank budget either. The Intel DP67DEB3 can be had for under $129.00 and matched with a high performance, i3 CPU for under $300.

Where to Buy the Intel 2nd-Gen Motherboard

The DP67DEB3 is now Intel’s old news. There are faster, cheaper motherboards which support the latest generation of i7 Processors. However, there is still plenty of support for their older generation boards, if you need it. Check the Intel and Auction websites for old, refurbished models.

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