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best k cup coffee
Sumatran Green Mountain Extra Bold

You won’t find the best K Cup Coffee in a can

If you’re looking for the Best K Cup Coffee think outside of the can. I learned my lesson on my last K Cup purchase. Gourmet coffee doesn’t come in a can and anyone who makes coffee in a can is not likely to make a very good, bold cup of coffee regardless of the coffee maker, brewer, blend, flavor, coffee beans or price. Since getting a Keurig Coffee Maker, I’ve only tried 5 different K Cup Coffee brands and flavors, so don’t get the idea that this is an exhaustive K-Cup Coffee single cup review. The beauty of the Keurig Brewing system is the number and variety of K Cups brands; more than any other coffee pods type brewing systems. The six I’ve tried probably represent less than 5% of the K Cups market. To begin the best k cup coffee taste test, let me list the 6 K Cup Coffee brands that I’ve tried to date:

5 K Cup Coffees Tested

  • Folgers Black Silk
  • Van Houtte Kenya Kilimandjaro
  • Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend
  • Donut Shop Medium Roast
  • Newman’s Organic Extra Bold
  • Green Mountain Coffee Sumatran

My tasting and reviewing of these five different Keurig K-Cups brands has taught me not to judge a brand on only one flavor. I tend to like medium to darker roast coffees, so my opinions here are not necessarily an indictment against one particular brand, unless of course we’re talking about Folgers.

The Worst K Cup Coffee?

folgers dark silk k cups coffee
Dark Silk

Don’t be fooled into thinking a canned coffee maker like Folgers has a different formula for its K cups. Upon the recommendation of my brother, I tried the Folgers Dark Silk. They should call it, Dark Soot. In fact, it was the sour, cheap canned aftertaste from my first cup of Folgers this morning that prompted me to do a quick review on them all. Normally, I can drink one or two cups of coffee without getting the jitters, but for some reason, canned coffee like Folgers cuts that amount in half. So much for Dark Soot. This one gives a bad name to the single cup coffee maker invention and brewers in general. Now, on to the rest.

K Cup 5th Runner-Up: Van Houtte Kenya Kilamandjaro

van houtte kilimandjaro k cups coffee
Kenyan Kilimandjaro

I love African Coffees, particularly Kenyan, so I got excited about trying this one. My enthusiasm ended after the 2nd or 3rd sip. For a coffee that is supposed to be bold, there is very little flavor to the Van Houtte Kenyan. If they can’t get an African coffee right, what can they do right? For this reason, I doubt that there is another variety of Van Houtte that I could ever consider the best k cup coffee.

 4th Runner up: Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend.

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K Cup CoffeeGreen Mountain Coffee breakfast blend is really a pretty decent tasting cup of coffee. My only problem with this brand is that the roast is a little lighter and therefore slightly more acidic than I like. There is nothing out of the ordinary about breakfast blend that would make one boast about the quality of a single cup, k-cups brew and it’s at least 2-notches below the best K Cup Coffee I’ve tried to date.

3rd Runner Up: Donut Shop Medium Roast

Donut Shop K-Cups Coffee
Donut Shop Medium

I don’t know much about real donut shop coffee, but this particular K-Cups brand is really good. They advertise that Donut Shop K-Cups is made from 100% Arabica beans – and I can tell.  The Medium Roast seems ever so slightly acidic to me, but it’s easily as good as the coffee you’ll get from most coffee shoppes and it’s plenty strong enough.

2nd Runner Up: Newman’s Own Organic Extra Bold


Newmans Extra Bold K Cups Coffee
Newman’s Extra Bold

This one was so good when I tasted it at Costco one day that it caused me to buy one of their $69.00, Mr Coffee Keurig Coffee makers. Newman’s Own Organic Extra Bold is robust, smooth; with no sour or sooty after taste of other dark coffees. I’m always hesitant to buy an extra dark coffee, because sometimes they end up tasting more like a cheap French Roast; smokey and ash flavored. Newman’s Extra Bold is an excellent dark cup of coffee. Now on to the winner:

Best K-Cup Coffee to Date: Green Mountain Sumatran

Green Mountain Sumatran K-Cups Coffee

My so-so impression of Green Mountain Breakfast Blend made me a little hesitant to try this one at first, but since I love a good cup of Sumatran I had to give this one a try and it ended up being the best k-cup I have tried thus far. Like the Newman’s, the Green Mountain Sumatran is dark, rich and smooth. The reason I like it better is two reasons: Slightly stronger and more complex and deeper in flavor. To date, the Sumatran from Green Mountain is the Best K Cup Coffee I’ve tried.

Final Ratings

  1. Newman’s Own Extra Bold K-Cup
  2. Green Mountain Sumatra K-Cup
  3. Donut Shop Medium Roast K-Cup
  4. Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-Cup
  5. Van Houtte Kenya Kilmandjaro K-Cup
  6. Folgers Black Silk K-Cup

The beauty of K-Cup Brewers is that there is no shortage of brands and varities; you can even make tea. One of the more popular brands of K-Cup coffee is Timothy’s World Coffee which I haven’t tried yet. For now, the best K-Cup coffee award goes to the Green Mountain Sumatra.


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