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Why use the Antec 300 Chassis for your Next PC?

antec 300The Antec 300, might not be the most exciting component of the super, Core i7 System my son and I built last week, but it is the most noticeable and works well with the OCZ Power Supply. The Antec 300 Case stands 18″ tall, weighs 16lbs and is made from quality, black steal. To be more specific:

Chassis Details

The Antec 300 is 18.30″ deep x 8.10″ wide x 18.00″ high and weighs 15.9lbs. It comes with 2 huge fans: 1ea 120MM in the rear and 1ea 140MM for the top. The top fan includes a speed setting switch: Low, Medium and High. At the medium setting, the Antec chassis, combined with the OCZ Modular Power Supply, runs fairly quietly. The Antec 300 doesn’t come with any cool glass on the sides or flourescent lights and cabling inside. If that’s important to you, you can buy those separately. As it comes out of the box, the Antec 300, is a rugged looking business class machine that probably won’t be mistaken for some high school kid’s gaming computer. antec 300 inside caseDon’t get me wrong, it’s more than capable of playing that role if that’s how you want to use it, but the Antec 300 is probably more practical than it is good-looking. While the Antec 300 is a genuinely a Mid-Tower ATX Case, it will easily accommodate Micro ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards as well as ATX. The Antec 300 has plenty of expansion room: 3ea: 5.25″ Bays, 6ea: 3.5″ Bays and 7 expansion slots. The power supply mounts on the bottom in a smart way so that there is plenty of room for peripherals. USB and Audio ports are conveniently located at the top of the chassis where they can be easily seen and accessed. That’s the Antec 300 in a nutshell. I think what I like the most about this chassis is it’s large size and easy access. Both side panels slide on and off like a hot knife through butter. One of my pet peeves with other computer chassis is how difficult it can be to simply take off a side panel. The drives simply use screws to fasten inside the chassis, without the need for some kind of silly mechanism or obscure hardware to fastent them. And speaking of screws, the Antec 300 comes with more than you’ll ever need. I really love having the access to the USB and audio ports on top. I feel very confident that the computer stays cool housed inside the Antec 300 and it runs noticeably cooler than my son’s old P4 Dinosaur in its old CasEdge case. If that’s not enough to like, the Antec 300 comes with a 3 year warranty as opposed to the 1 Year on most 3rd Party computer components. This tells me that the fans inside the Antec 300 are probably excellent quality and should hold up well for the next few years.

At a popular online computer retailer, I found over 2500 hundred user reviews. 96% of these users rated the Antec 300 chassis 4 stars or better. That’s quite an endorsement for a computer chassis. I think the Antec 300 is the perfect match for the OCZ 600W Modular power supply.

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