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Have You Ever Heard of Sellotape?

If you don’t live in London, then Sellotape might be the very best adhesive tape brand you never touched with your bloody hands. How could something as simple as tape be an interesting review topic? Well, there are a few good reasons to talk about this particular tape: For one thing, most brands of tape in the U.S are made by companies which make multiple home-and-office products including paper, dispensers, scissors, staples, glue, etc, etc. The brand, Scotch sells far more than just Scotch Tape, yet Sellotape is to London as Scotch Tape is to the United States. Sellotape was invented in 1937 in West London and for some reason never found its way to the United States. For 74 years, Sellotape has focused on only tape and adhesive products. But before we talk about the full product line what makes their tape so special?

The Special Properties of Sellotape

Though I’ve yet to get my bloody hands on a roll of Sellotape tape, I’ve read enough about it to believe that it is a more robust, stickier and versatile tape than the typical roll of scotch at the home or office. As claimed on the Sellotape website, most users report that the “everyday” Sellotape taping product is easier to work with; stickier than most tape brands; doesn’t tangle or stick to itself and does a neater, more transparent job of taping things around the house. Users claim that the every day tape is unbeatable for gift wrapping jobs. One thing that annoys me about transparent tape is finding out where it unrolls. I like the fact that they offer a yellow-tinted every-day tape that goes on clear when it is used. So, what else do they have?

More Products

In addition to its two everyday tape products, they make a few other adhesive products:

  • Home and Office Tape: A durable, more robust tape for boxes and packaging
  • Gifting: Finish touch and decorative spots for putting the final touches on gift packages
  • Craft: Durable, two-sided, roll of adhesive tape and pre-cut, sticky-fixers foam adhesive pads for hanging pictures and mounting crafts, pictures and hobby displays.

…and that’s about the extent of the entire Sellotape product line. As you can see, Sellotape emphasizes substance over quantity. For a company to be around this long selling such a limited variety of products, you know that Sellotape must be doing something right.

Can You Buy Sellotape in the United States

No, you can’t walk into your local Office Depot, Office Max or Staples and expect to find the colorful, Sellotape boxes anywhere on their many shelves. But fortunately, you can still buy it online. Online and auction stores are great places to satisfy your need for a superior tape. You will find Sellotape in all of its varieties and forms: everyday tape; home-and-office; crafts and gifting – most of them with free shipping. So stop your Scotch fix and try something new for a change. Once you get your bloody hands on this fabulous tape, you’ll be sticking with it, forever.

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