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Sunlite Cloud-9 Review

Most Comfortable Bike Seat
Cruiser Saddle

If a more comfortable bike ride depends on finding the most comfortable bike seat, I figured that would be some shopping time well-spent. I made it my goal to find the most comfortable bicycle seats made – money is no object. Think about the physics of bike riding: We put the entire weight of our body on our seats. If the weight and gravity aren’t enough, the constant strain, pressure of pushing down on the bike pedals is asking a lot of our rears and bicycle seats. Is it even possible to be completely comfortable on a bicycle seat and are the most comfortable bike saddles the same for everyone?

Summarizing detailed reviews of bike seats would be difficult because we and our butts, all come in different weights, shapes and sizes. Due to the various contour, shapes and sizes of different bike seats, the most comfortable bike seat for one may not be the best for another bike rider. It would be helpful to find one bike seat with numerous and favorable reviews by a large number of users with different sizes, weights and shapes. As luck would have it, I was able to find such the most comfortable bike seat.

Sunlite Cloud-9

You will not find a more comfortable bike seat with as many favorable reviews by such a large number of users as the Sunlite Cloud-9. The Sunlite Suspension Cruiser Saddle was rated 4.5 stars on Amazon by 50 users. That’s a darn good rating – and if you take the time to read through the reviews, you’ll find that the bike riders were generous about mentioning their size and weight and why they felt the Sunlite Cloud-9 is the most comfortable bike seat they’ve ever used. Users of the Cloud-9 range from 5’2, 100lbs to over 6′ tall and 250 lbs. The majority of users specifically stated that this was the most comfortable bike seat they had ever used. There were a few negative comments. So, what is not to like? A bike seat that fits everyone tends to be on the large side. If you’re an athletic bike rider looking for agility on curvy, twisting roads or balance on rocky, bumpy mountain trails, the Cloud-9 is probably not for you. But then, the most comfortable bike seat is not intended for sports – the Cloud-9 is built for comfort.

Sunlite Cloud 9
Sport Saddle

The Sunlite Cloud-9 Comes in a few slightly different flavors. There is a sport version and suspension cruiser saddle version. If you want something comfortable, for those winding roads and/or bumpy trails, go with the sport version which will provide better balance and agility. If you want the most comfortable bike seat – PERIOD – go for the Sunlite-9 Cruiser Saddle version.

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