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asus vh242h review

While this is certainly not the first Asus VH242H review it is very likely to be the last. It’s been nearly two years since the first ASUS VH242H review was posted, yet people are still asking about the product and looking for ratings. Let’s clear up some confusion: First of all, computer monitor models are changing nearly as quickly as we change our socks in the morning. Even the slightest revision results in a model # change. There is a very good reason people are still looking for an Asus VH242H review. It is a very highly rated 23.6″ monitor and one of the first of its kind and size to be sold for under $250. There is another reason for the change: TheVH242H is an LCD Monitor, not an LED. Most LCD technology is leaning towards the flatter, brighter displays of the new LED screens and the Asus VH242H review is no exception. That’s not to say the ol’ Asus VH242H is a dog. Even by today’s standard, most computer users would be very happy to have this well-made, bright looking display on their desktops. Don’t be saddened by its demise. The end of the VH242H era means a new rainbow is on the horizon.

There is a new kid in town and it’s the direct, LED replacement for the Asus VH242H. I have some very positive, first-hand experience to report on this new LED Replacement for an old standby. First off, let’s go over the basics: The VE247H is a 23.6″ LED monitor with 2MS Refresh Rate, HDMI, DVI and VGA Connections, .272 Dot Pitch, an impressive 300 cd/m2 brightness rating and 2 Speakers. All very updated specs, but how does the Asus VE247H Perform:

Asus VE247H vs VH242H Review

asus ve247h reviewI pulled the VE247H out of the box and easily connected the mounting stand in less than 2 minutes, then connected it to my desktop’s DVI-D Display. After booting into windows the first time, the brightness of the VE247H is noticeably superior to the display of the VH24H. For some reason, the size of the screen on the VE247H isn’t as flat as many of the other 22 to 24″ LED Displays I’ve tested. This is not an issue: The unit still weighs less than other LCD Displays and will not take up any more noticeable space on your desktop than the ultra thin LED’s. The crispness and details of the text and graphics on this display are far superior to what we’ve seen in this review. One other great benefit of the Asus VE247H LED Monitor: You actually get adequate, adjustable stereo sound from the monitor’s built-in speakers!. For a price around $200.00, you will gladly say good-bye to the old one you were looking for. Look for great deals on the Asus VE247H LED Monitor, though you may still see some Vh242h selling for around the same cost.

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