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K Cups Cheap Coffee
Newmans Bold

I’d be lying if I said the only secret to life is finding cheap, but good K-Cups coffee. There is more to it than that. The secret is to find really cheap k-cups that actually make a great tasting cup of coffee. The first cup of coffee I ever tasted from my Mr Coffee Keurig, was the Newman’s Own Organic  Extra Bold brewed for me by the Costco demonstrator. Boy, was I impressed. Though the Newman’s K Cups were on sale at Costco, I decided to try some other K Cups Cheap coffee – cheap, meaning the 20 included cups that came with the Costco Mr Coffee Keurig coffee maker. Here is my impression of what was included:

Cheap K-Cups Brands

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend

Cheap means, about .50 per cup and this isn’t bad. I had about 15 free cups of this included with the coffee maker. This is actually a very rich and tasty coffee for the price. It’s a tad too acidic and light tasting for me, but I think Green Mountain Breakfast Blend will appeal to a large number of Keurig Coffee drinkers:

If you’re a Kona Coffee drinker, you know how expensive it can be. At the prices above, you’ll really appreciate having a Keurig where you can enjoy the “K Cups Cheap” version of a quality Kona Coffee.

Green Mountain Kona

Kona Coffee is not for everyone, whether it’s priced cheaply or not. The K Cups Cheap Kona is not a bad coffee at all, but it does have a distinctive taste that not everyone enjoys. I found the Kona to be very rich, light tasting and acidic. None of this is necessarily bad, if you like a very tart coffee with a bite.

As you can see, with some frugel shopping, k-cups cheap, get even cheaper…but, I keep going back to that first cup of coffee I ever had from my Keuric Mr Coffee maker. For me, the Newman’s Organic Extra Bold is awfully hard to beat.

Newman’s Extra Bold

This one is my favorite. Newman’s extra bold is indeed a very bold tasting coffee, but not overly bitter like a french roast. This is the type of fresh-roasted bold flavor you can get from your favorite cup of Starbucks.


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