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Dreyers ice cream
Great Ice Cream

Is Dreyers ice cream under rated or have so many people just ade up their mind on the more popular brand, Blue Bell? I grew up eating mostly store bought brands, but after spending a few years in the north Texas area, I quickly learned that Blue Bell ice cream was far more celebrated than any of the ice cream brands we had in the Denver metro area – and for good reason. Blue Bell ice cream became the product in which I judged and compared all other ice creams.

Blue Bell Ice Cream vs Home Made Brands

Blue Bell ice cream
Blue Bell

Despite what some people say, home made ice cream doesn’t measure up to a good store-bought brand. When the novelty wears off, you realize that the ice milk just isn’t as creamy as a good store bought brand of ice cream. Blue Bell makes a lot of different flavors, but what I always felt set Blue Bell ice cream apart from the rest was its creamy flavor and texture. Anyone can put cookie dough, chocolate chips, mint and pistachios in their ice cream, but how many people an make a thick rich, creamy ice cream? Blue bell ice cream has the thickness, creaminess and ice cream flavor down, pat! A good ice cream should be full of fat and cholesterol.

Dreyers Ice Cream vs other Brands

After being away from Texas a few years, I quickly came to appreciate Blue Bell ice cream for it’s rich, cream ice cream taste. Some of the other brands taste like ice milk and whip cream – they just don’t have the robust flavor. A number of years ago, I remember really enjoying the ice cream. When I went back to the freezer to finish off the final scoop, I made a point to look at and remember the brand name: It was Dreyers ice cream. It made me proud to know that a Denver based company made a great tasting ice cream. But, was it as good as Blue Bell? It would be years before I would taste Blue Bell again to find out. Having set the standard for me, it became difficult imagining how Blue Bell ice cream could be so much better than Dreyers ice cream. I tried many different flavors of Dreyers since I last had Blue Bell in Texas and each one left me feeling very satisfied and appreciate. Dreyers may not be the best in the country, but it’s the best you can get in the Denver area. I’d love to have the chance to compare the two, if only I could get Blue Bell here in Denver. Well, guess what? Blue Bell is here.

Dreyers and Blue Bell Comparison Test

As a purist, I would have loved to compare a pure vanilla Dreyers ice cream vs a pure vanilla Blue Bell ice cream, but that is not what I had in my refrigerator. That’s okay. The cookie dough Dreyers vs. the chocolate cake Blue Bell is close enough to give me a taste of the vanilla cream and texture of both. I wondered if my first taste of the chocolate cake Blue Bell ice cream would quickly remind me of what I have been missing all of these years since moving back from Texas. Surprisingly, though, that was not the case. The blue bell was very good, but so was the cookie dough Dreyers. In fact, it was too close to call. Now, I’m not going to exclaim that one is just as good or not as good as the other just by tasting and comparing two different flavors, but one thing is obvious: when it comes to bold, rich flavor, Dryers ice cream can hold it’s own with the best of them. until now, that has always been Blue Bell ice cream.

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