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Best iPhone Calculator
Digits iPhone Calculator

If you thought the included, free iPhone Calculator was as good as it gets, chances are good that you never considered the many different purposes of a calculator. I know that was the case with me. I still think the included calculator app is amazing, but some of these clever, useful iPhone apps are causing me to open up my eyes and live a little!

So, what more could you want in a calculator? The included iPhone calculator couldn’t possibly be easier to use. When you hold it upright, it’s a well-designed app, with an easy-to-use-and-read display. It is the perfect, basic math calculator with nice large numbers right where you want them. Turn it side ways and it becomes a multi-purpose scientific calculator, ala the Texas Instruments I used in college. How nifty is this? And more what could you want in a calculator app for the iPhone?

Is there a Better iPhone calculator?

Asking if there is a better iPhone calculator is like asking if there is a better fruit than a juicy, ripe red apple. It depends on what you like. The calculator is the that gets used the most. In the summertime, my most often used calculator is a pool chemistry iPhone app, perfect for determining the amount of chemicals to put in my pool. I type in the from my chemical tests and this unique iPhone app tells me exactly how much I need of which chemicals. My car lease calculator is perfect for projecting a monthly car lease payment and my home loan calculator is lightening quick at determining mortgage payments. But what kind of iPhone Calculator gets the most hits from the Apple store in April? Tax time means a more specific iPhone calculator.

Calculator for the Tax Season

If you think that Digits is a calculator that only a CPA or accounting geek could love, think again. The Digits iPhone Calculator gets a perfect rating of 5 stars by 1569 users as of this writing. Judging by the Apps rating, this would make Digits the best iPhone calculator you can buy, if not for one problem: Digits is free, so it won’t cost you a time. What is Digits? Digits is an expense calculator with a rolling digital tape display, giving you a complete history of every entry you make. With Digits, you can either email your saved tape or print in using, Air Print. As you make your entries, a running total is always available and you work is auto-saved. The beauty of the Digits iPhone calculator is simplicity and its intuitive user interface. Simply tap and go! Based on its perfect rating of user satisfaction, I nominate Digits as the best iPhone calculator.

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