Sinus Buster Capsaicin Nasal Spray

Sinus Buster Capsaicin Nasal Spray Review

Sinus Buster Capsaicin Nasal Spray
Does it Work?

Sinus Buster Capsaicin Nasal Spray is a natural remedy for sinus, allergy and headache sufferers. Capsaicin is a botanical extract derived from cayenne pepper which has been known for it’s benefits in relieving pain and congestion. Sinus Buster is a specially formulated capsaicin nasal spray used to clear up a stuffy nose, relieve sinus pressure and possibly even benefit cluster headache sufferers.  Having struggled with sinus and nasal congestion problems myself, I’ve written reviews on many other natural and prescription drug remedies including, Nasonex, Neilmed Sinus Rinse, Alkalol and Patanase. All four of these products have been somewhat helpful, but not perfect, and in the case of Nasonex and Patanase, there are far too many long term side effects associated with prescription drugs to make me feel comfortable using them on a long term basis. I suspected the Nasonex was making me feel irritable and bothering my stomach. Since discontinuing the use of Nasonex,  I felt better in every way except sinus congestion, particularly while trying to sleep at night. Their addictive properties make over-the-counter-nasal-sprays out of consideration for me. I decided to look for something natural and new to use along with the Neilmed Sinus rinse every day and found Sinus Buster at my local Walmart drug aisle among the decongestants. I’ve heard about the effectiveness of Capsaicin, so decided to pay the $12.00 and give Sinus Buster a try.

Sinus Buster: Does it Work?

Consider this a preliminary review. I’ve only just started using Sinus Buster, so I plan on giving you my long term impression of it after a couple of weeks use or more. I can say pretty, confidently, that sinus buster will give instant relief to a stuffed up nose. The question is, how long will the relief last. I cam home with the Sinus Buster feeling only slightly congested. Just one spray in the nostril provided me with an intense burning sensation, much as if I really had squirted cayenne pepper up your nose. The burning part was only slightly unpleasant and actually began to feel good after I felt the hot capsaicin nasal spray relieving the congestion in my nostrils. The effect you feel from Sinus Buster is not that much unlike eating a hot bowl of green chili sauce or a hot red pepper. It makes you sweat a little and clears up your nose! I took two more sprays of the sinus buster before bed and had one, very good night sleep. I will sometimes randomly experience these nights of sleep where my nasal passages are clear, so its too soon to tell if the capsaicin nasal spray played a role in it or not. Check back soon, for a more long term review on Sinus Buster Capsaicin Nasal Spray.

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8 thoughts on “Sinus Buster Capsaicin Nasal Spray”

  1. 10 Days Later: I am very encouraged by how well Sinus Buster has been working up to this point: Just a sniff of the Sinus Buster in each nasal passage and I’ve been sleeping through the night with clear sinuses. The other day, when I felt a slight sinus headache coming on, I used the Sinus Buster in the morning. The pressure seemed to vanish and I ended up having no head ache at all that day.

    I did come down with something on just the 2nd night of using Sinus Buster: I woke up with chills, fever and a non-sinus related headache. I was feverish the next day. I don’t suspect the Sinus Buster caused the problem, but just to be cautious, I’ve stopped sniffing it so deeply up my nasal passages. Strangely enough, I was completely well just a day later. I don’t know if the Sinus Buster had anything to do with the chills and fever that night, but I’ve decided to be careful with how deeply I breathe it in. So, a word of warning: Be gentle using this. It is pretty strong, so any kind of irritation in your sinus passages could be enough to cause an irritation of some sort or maybe even set off a lurking sinus infection.

    I’ve used Sinus Buster every day since and have experienced nothing but clear nasal passages and easy breathing through the nose. 10 Days is still soon to be absolutely sure of anything. I will report back in another 10 days – hopefully with fewer sinus headaches and continued, clear breathing.



  2. I’m on my third bottle of Sinus Buster since the writing of this article and all I can say is, wow. Sinus Buster has done a more effective job than any of the nasal steroids like Nasonex that I’ve been taking for the last several years. Unlike Nasonex and other prescription products, Sinus Buster has absolutely no side effects other than a quick burning sensation when it is first sprayed in your nostrils. The cost of Sinus Buster is about $11.00 per bottle which is cheaper than buying Nasonex with my Co-Pay. One bottle lasts me about 5 weeks. I usually take one spray in each nostril in the morning and one before bed time; right after using the Sinus Rinse. (The Sinus Rinse is not absolutely necessary – I do it because it feels good.) At any rate, my nasal passages are 90% more clear when I sleep at night than they have ever been.

    If you just started using Sinus Buster, give it time to work. The benefits seem to be accumulative over time. I don’t feel as though I got the full benefit until the 3rd or 4th week of using it twice a day consistently. Sinus Buster really seems to help with your sense of smell, too. It is a remarkable way to start the mornings.

    I can’t say for sure if Sinus Buster has helped with my headaches, but it has certainly relieved the constant suffering from sinus infections and has most definitely solved the problem of stuffiness in the right nasal passage disturbing a good night’s sleep.

    If you’ve used Sinus Buster, please let us know your symptoms and how this product has worked for you.

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    • I have rather bad “allergic rhinitis” or “sinusitis” and have used sinus-buster for several years, and must say that it takes a little time to get used to the initial burning sensation. One deep sniff every few days will keep me clear unless I end up crying about something.I don’t get “sinus headaches”, so don’t know if sinus buster will help relieve them.

  4. I had a very bad sinus infection recently, and nothing seemed to be working. It was as if my nasal cavity had been filled with solid concrete. Tried all sorts of OTC products containing various chemicals such as Loratadine, Diphenhydramine, Phenylephrine, Levmetamfetamine, Guaifenesin, and Oxymetazoline. Seriously, NOTHING nudged my nasal passages open one iota.

    Then I saw a product called Sinus Buster. which claimed to be non-addictive and without rebound effects. The main ingredient listed was Capsicum Annuum (Capsaicin), something I’d never heard of. Well, nothing to lose by trying it, right? Sadly, Sinus Buster, by itself, failed right along with the other products I’d tried. But it sure did BURN the hell out of nose and make my eyes water when I used it. Wooo!! Felt like I was snorting cayenne pepper.

    After 4 days of using a “cocktail” of several medicines, I finally started to get some relief, but of course can’t say which medicines are responsible for the relief. I found this website tonight when I decided to look up the words “capsicum” and “capsaicin” to see if I could find a reason why Sinus Buster burns so bad when using it. I LMAO’d when I discovered that by using Sinus Buster, I am indeed squirting cayenne pepper up my nose.

    One thing I think can be attributed to Sinus Buster. When you have a runny nose, it’s almost always a thin clear fluid. Sinus Buster seems to stop most of the runny nose problem by turning that thin clear fluid into a thicker yellow mucus that can easily be blown out.

  5. Sinus Buster is pretty good, but the original manufacturer of that now has a new nasal spray with horseradish and hot peppers called Sinus Plumber and it’s much better.

  6. I have never used Sinus Buster for congestion, but I saw great reviews for it a few years ago on a migraine headache website. Being that almost nothing works for my migraines except time and agony, I decided to purchase some and give it a try. The first squirt up my nose was exactly how it had been described by many – I almost screamed from the initial burn and shock. However, it only lasted for a mere second or two. And lo’ and behold, something profound happened. I’d say within less than 30 seconds my migraine pain literally started going away! I was in disbelief at first and couldn’t believe it. Something as simple as snorting a stinging pepper spray up my nose was actually helping my migraine pain. I was still in disbelief and attributed it to some miracle fluke. The pain was almost completely gone for about 30 minutes, but then it started slowly coming back, but not nearly as bad. At that point I did another snort and when the pain went away again I knew it was no fluke! This was years ago, and over the years it has mostly always worked well for me when nothing else will. There have been a handful of times when it hasn’t worked as well the first time, but I give it a half an hour and try it again and it usually always helps tremendously. I only use one sniff so if it isn’t totally effective I can always use it again shortly. There have been a couple of times during an especially bad migraine that I let get out of hand where I used the spray several times over an hour, and it always eventually helps a lot. I still to this day can’t say enough about Sinus Buster for the treatment of migraine headaches! Who would’ve thought it would help migraines?? While it may not help everyone, I feel very fortunate that it does for me. Worth a try for you migraine sufferers who can’t take many pain meds because of allergies, etc.

  7. I have had moderate to severe sinus problems all of my adult life. I am getting a little older now and also developed an enlarged prostate and borderline high blood pressure. That meant that I can no longer use OTC sinus and cold remedies. To be honest they usually did not work that well anyway. For many years I had to go to the doctor and get steroid shots and antibiotics at least 3 times a year. One fateful day I was starting to suffer again from sinus congestion. I begged my wife to bring something natural (that would not affect the other problems) home when she went to town. She found Sinus Buster on the bottom shelf of the sinus and cold section of the pharmacy. I squirted two shots in both nostrils very quickly. I thought I had squirted acid in my nose!! WOW!! It was so intense!! I then decided to read the package. First I saw the picture of the pepper. Then I read what was the active ingredient. Finally I read the warning that the initial reaction can be “quite intense”. My first reaction was “NO S..T SHERLOCK!!” I was desperate to find something that would really work and this was what I needed. After two uses I was completely open! Since that time I have always had a bottle of Sinus Buster or Sinus Plummer handy. When the first sign of congestion happens I start using it. Many times one or two uses is all that is needed. I also use it according to how congested I am. If I am only slightly congested I use 1 shot. I also found that the intensity of the reaction is different at times. If my sinuses are dry the reaction is very intense. If they are moist and not very congested the reaction is not as harsh. This product has kept me from the doctor for sinus problems for at least 7 yrs now. I am so grateful for the suffering and misery that it has saved me from. I am also thankful for the thousands of dollars that it has saved me. I have found nothing bad to say about it……only praise from me!


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