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Luxury or High-Grade?

Loews Hotel
Loews Hotel

The Low-Down on Loews

They may not be among the most popular or prestigious, but the Loews Hotel chain is an affordable step up from your typical Best Western, Holiday Inn or Sheraton. Loews Hotel accommodations range from standard-sized comfortable rooms, to luxury suites with Ocean Views. There are over 18 Loews locations in North America, as follows:


18 Locations for Loews in North America

New Orleans, Atlanta, Quebec, Miami, San Diego, St. Pete, Annapolis, Denver, Philadelphia, New York, Nashville, Tucson, Montreal, Las Vegas, Santa Monica and three in Orlando, Florida. With just eighteen locations, Loews has the appearance of a very exclusive chain.

I think the Lowes chain have carved out a niche for themselves in the affordable luxury hotel market. They have enough of a name and reputation to provide that extra level of confidence in the city where you are staying. For example, on an upcoming trip to Philadelphia, I negotiated a deal on Priceline for 2ea 3 and ½ star rooms downtown. They not only accepted my offer, but upgraded me to a 4-Star Hotel. That was a luxurious and comfortable surprise that I was not expecting. Priceline can be an amazing way to shop for Hotels if you’re willing to risk the exact location. I paid such a surprisingly low price that I don’t want to mention it here, for fear of degrading the reputation as a luxury accommodation. Let’s just say I paid a price that would have been tolerable for a 2-star hotel.

User Reviews on Loews

The reviews on Loews Hotels from coast to coast are consistently rated very high by users. On a scale of 1-10, you’d be hard pressed to find a score that is lower than 8 at any of their locations. Compared to other luxury hotel chain reviews, Loews seems to have the edge in star ratings. Doing some quick research of 2,164 reviews from 4 different cities, I calculated an average rating of 8.4. If you’ve ever looked at hotel star ratings, you know that 8.4 is a remarkable score. With so many things that can go wrong on a hotel stay, there are always going to be a few terrible experiences that drop the average rating. My brief research on this chain has made me feel very good about my upcoming trip to the Philadelphia.

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