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best led flashlight

Inova is the new leader in flashlights.  Well, I Remember when Mag lite flashlights hit the scene back in 1979. They were considered the most rugged, well-built, brightest flashlight you could buy for your money. Now, they are to old for Product Review Ratings to even review them, anymore.  I held off buying one many years because I thought they were too expensive.  It wasn’t until I became a home owner that I realized how important it was to have at least one good quality flashlight around the house. I bought the large black Maglite that uses Double-D Batteries. Unfortunately, the Maglite never lived up to my expectations. It looks and feels like a heavy duty flashlight, but doesn’t seem very effective at the one thing I bought it for: Bright light. I also own one of the smaller Maglites and was never all that impressed with it either. I’ve had other, cheaper flashlights that produce brighter light and when I need a lot of light fast, I use a big, candle powered lantern flashlight. I bought a two-pack of small, LED flashlights at my local Harbor Freight store.  Good lights, yes, but probably not the best. They were great at first, but stopped working after a few months. So, what do you do about a better flashlight?  You go look for the best, and I think I’ve found it.

There is nothing more aggravating than not being able to find a good flashlight at home when you need one. The shelf life of your typical AA, AAA, C and D batteries is not very good. The best LED is not only brighter, but will give you considerably longer battery life. Consequently, unless you are replacing the batteries every 2 months, chances are good that flash light kept on your shelf will probably not be very bright by the time you get around to needing to use it. How stressful is it to not have plenty of the right kind of batteries on hand when you need them? When it comes to LED flashlight technology, reliability is at least as important as brightness and lumens.

Technology Behind a Better LED Flashlight

The highest quality LED flashlights produce a far sharper, brighter more focused beam of light. Even the old standby Maglite has gone to LED flashlights. The better ones uses 123A Lithium Batteries which have a 10-Year shelf life. If you buy the best, you won’t have to wonder how strong the light is the next time you use it. The great thing about the Lithium Batteries is that once they’re done, they are really done. They don’t gradually get dimmer like traditional batteries, leaving you wonder how much light you will have left. Generally, the lithium batteries give you 2-4 hours of consistently bright lighting power. Lithium 123a Batteries are expensive if you buy them from the store. Get Lithium Batteries Cheap – Way cheaper than what you’d pay at Walgreens, Target, Walmart, etc.. below.  I wouldn’t mind paying a tad more for the best led flashlight, anyway.


Strong Case for Best LED Flashlight

The brand Inova and Maglite make a similar LED Flashlight.  Both are well constructed with impact resistance materials and both claim to be the best led flashlight. After some research, I’ve chosen the Inova X03 Flashlight as the one that trumps all others. The Inova X03 is made from an aerospace aluminum material which is both impact and water resistant. The LED light is electronically controlled for precise directional light and has a 50,000 hour life. On the Inova X03 is a 3-Position switch where the end-cap is located. You can keep it locked to off, turned on momentarily, or turned on all the time. This is a well constructed flashlight; weighing only 5.57 ounces. Inova advertised that the X03 has an effective range of 457 feet and 4 hours of battery run time. Real world users have reported impressive results of up to 200 feet or so and say the run time is closer to 2 hours. I’ve searched Amazon and other websites for real user reviews on the X03 and have not found a user rating below 4 stars. Over 50 users, give the Inova X03 a rating of 4.5 stars. I am going to have at least one of the Inova X03 kept on the shelf in my den next to a box of the cheap Lithium 123a Batteries.

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