BMI Scale

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BMI Scale
BMI Scale

A BMI Scale is a device that some people are looking for, yet probably don’t even need. If you’re wondering how to find your BMI, you might be able to stop worrying about it.
Body Mass Index or BMI is a mathematical number derived from the National Institute of Health which supposedly determines if we are at a healthy weight.Why should you want to Know How to find your BMI? Well, maybe you don’t.
While many of us regard the National Institute of Health (NIH) as experts on the subject of healthy living, let’s remember these are the same people telling us lies about Fat and Cholesterol. NIH is of the same generation of fraud medical scientists that brought us trans fats in place of healthy, safe animal fats many decades ago. As a result, hundreds of thousands of obsessed, healthy people are eating bland, unhealthy low-fat diets and taking, expensive, liver-toxic statin pill prescriptions. I put very little stock into nutrition advice from mainstream health institutions like these and so naturally, I am very skeptical about the NHI BMI Product. At Product Review Ratings, I consider BMI a product worthy of some serious contemplation and review, but you should have zero concern about how to find your BMI. When I decided to look into my own Body Mass Index Number I became even more skeptical about the value of the NIH BMI product they are feeding us with our weight scales. How to Find your BMI is about as important as knowing your astrology horoscope.

How to Find Your BMI for Weight and Age

Proper Weight for Height and Age

Is there a such thing as Proper Weight for Height and Age?

At age 49, I wear the same size jeans I did 20 years ago. I could probably stand to lose about 5 lbs, but I wouldn’t want to lose anymore than that. Using the BMI scale below, I put in my numbers and came up in the overweight category. Even if I lost 10lbs, my weight would just barely fit into the so-called “normal” category. So, according to the NIH scale, I shouldn’t be wearing the same size pants I wore when I was 25 years old. I should be skinnier. There’s a big problem with BMI. No two men or women of the same height and weight look or feel the same. Because muscle weighs more than fat, BMI can be a very misleading indicator of one’s proper weight. A very muscular, lean and fit 5’8 athlete might weight 180lbs might have a higher BMI than a guy who actually looks overweight and is out of shape. If I decided to get into a vigorous exercise program like the P90x Workout, I could be in danger of gaining even more weight by increasing my muscle mass. Is there really such thing as a Proper Weight for Height and Age? What’s right for one person is not necessarily the same for someone else. I have a brother in law who is as fit, lean and thin as a rail, yet the doctor told him his BMI put him in the obese category! No two people with the exact same BMI necessarily come anywhere close to matching the same body appearance. BMI is a ridiculously bad product for gauging your weight and health. In case you’re curious, it’s very easy to calculate your BMI.

Measuring without a BMI Scale

In case you’re curious, here’s how to find your BMI without the need for any special machinery or weight scales.
Here is the BMI Formula:
BMI=(Your Weight in LBs) / (Your Height in Inches Squared) X 703
Wouldn’t it help to know your body fat and muscle percentage?

Forget about How to Find Your BMI

Body Fat Percentage Chart More Useful

A better variable for calculating your proper weight is to know your Body Fat Percentage: The chart below, should be used as a guideline only. Remember, what’s healthy for one person may not be the same for another, and vice versa. We’re all built differently, so why waste time learning how to find your bmi?

Body Fat Percentage Chart

While it is one thing to to use a chart like this for a reference, calculating your actual Body Fat Percentage is another challenge entirely. And again, Body Fat Percentage is just one part of the equation for knowing your health, fitness and proper weight. There is a much better way to calculate all of this.

There are much better ways to measure your body composition. The Omron Full Body Sensor Body Fat and Body Composition Monitor is more than just a BMI Scale. The Omron will measure your weight and body composition in 7 different ways:

  1. Body Fat Level
  2. Visceral Fat Level
  3. Skeletal Muscle %
  4. Resting Metabolism
  5. Body Age
  6. Body Weight
  7. BMI (Body Mass Index)

Despite the fact that BMI is only 1/7th of the equation of these super, health scales, they are still referred to online as a, BMI scale.
Factoring in Body Fat and Muscle percentage into the equation makes a great deal more sense. One, can actually monitor the full progress of an exercise program with one of these Health Monitor Scales. It would be interesting to monitor the results of the P90x Workout with the Omron Body Monitor. The Omron Body Sensor on sale below has been rated 4 out of 5 stars by over 70 users. The accuracy and value of these machines is confirmed by the testimonies of those using them to gauge the progress of their work-out programs. Imagine, if they were using ONLY a scale to gauge the results of their health program. Using only a BMI scale wouldn’t do them much good, would it? The much better option is a full Weight/BMI/Body-Fat and Muscle Scale like the one below. You can forget about the question of how to find your BMI and worry about a healthy body, instead.

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