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Rokk Vodka
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Rokk Vodka
Rokk Citrus Vodka

What is it about Flavored Vodkas?

Try Rokk Vodka Flavored and Unflavored

What do you look for in Flavored Vodkas? Chances are, you’re either looking for a very subtle enhancement to a vodka martini or you are wanting a pleasant fruity cocktail with no vodka aftertaste. As a martini drinker, I was after the former – a clean tasting vodka with just a hint of citrus, to be shaken and served up in a martini glass. In fact, I was not looking for flavored vodkas at all when I decided to try Rokk Citrus vodka for the first time. The review on the regular Rokk Vodka is below.

Often when I make Vodka martinis, I’ll put a slice of lemon peel in the shaker glass, just to give the martini a hint of lemon zest. I guess you could call these flavored vodkas, but there are a few drawbacks to making martinis this way:

  1. You always need to have a fresh lemon on hand
  2. Slicing a lemon adds extra time and effort to making your martini
  3. Finding Fresh Lemons is not always easy

Having a good fresh lemon on hand is not always possible. I always look for the bright, yellow lemons with a very thick peel. A good, fresh lemon makes all the difference in the world. Inferior, thin-skinned lemons make your drink tart, but they won’t give it that fruity, lemony taste.  Good flavored vodkas should not be overly sour or tart.

Under-Rated Flavored Vodkas?

Rokk Citrus Vodka

So, while I was at Westminster Total Beverage shopping for a reasonably priced 1.75 Liter bottle of Vodka, I glanced at the numerous shelves of flavored vodkas and got an idea: Why not try a citrus vodka? Could a Citrus Vodka Martini give me that subtle, lemon zest in my martini with the fruitiness of other flavored vodkas? Why not give it a try. In fact, while I was picking up the bottle of Rokk Citrus Vodka, several other choices caught my eye: Black Cherry flavored Vodka, strawberry flavored vodka, orange flavored vodka … chocolate flavored vodka? Are you kidding me? I am still rather fascinated how a colorless vodka can come in so many diverse flavors, but I’m not exactly ready to give up a good old fashioned martini for such a fad, unless it really adds something to the drink with out making it sweet, fruity or syrupy. I was hoping the Citrus Vodka might give me a convenient way of adding taste of the fresh lemon flavor in my martini without turning it into some kind of foo-foo drink. I prepared the Citrus Vodka exactly as I would a regular martini; four ice cubes, shaken and poured up into a martini glass. At first taste, the lemony martini was not bad – in fact it was rather satisfying. However, by the time the drink was 2/3rds finished, I immediately recognized that it wasn’t providing me with the unbeatable, relaxing buzz of a good, old-fashioned martini. It tasted sweeter after every sip.

Flavored Vodkas

While I was comparing flavored vodkas at my Total Beverage Liquor store, I noticed there was one thing they all had in common: They were 75% alcohol instead of the usual 80% of pure Vodkas. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if not for the overly sweet flavor. I’m not completely against a lemon or orange-flavored vodka, if it adds a good citrus accent without too much sweetness. I am willing to give another brand a try. I would like to try an unflavored Rokk Vodka to compare to the Svedka Vodka which is also from Sweden. Most of all, I would like to try another Citrus Vodka in hopes to find one that matches my natural recipe of a lemon slice shaken with pure vodka.

Rokk Citrus Flavored Vodkas Rating

Overall Rating: 78 out of 100.

Rokk Vodka Rating

Rokk is considered a low-end brand of vodka, yet gets very good reviews. I’ve seen 1.75L bottles for as low as $15.95. Like Svedka Vodka, Rokk is from Sweden. The vodka is 40% ABV and gets a rating of 4 out of 5 stars from users on VodkaBuzz I think Rokk is a very balanced vodka. It doesn’t quite have the smooth vanilla characteristics of Svedka, but it does have a nice spice to it; almost like evergreen or walnut; or both. Give Rokk Vodka a try.

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