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rhoto eye drops
Rhoto Eye Drops

For Dry Red Eyes: Rhoto Eye Drops Does Both

I’ve had problems with dry eyes ever since I had Lasik Eye Surgery about 10 years ago. Looking at a computer screen all day long doesn’t help, either. The high cost of Systane Eye Drops and other expensive brands of eye lubricants that optometrists recommend has motivated me to search for more cost effective, long-term products for eye relief. Chronic, dry eye irritations can often be mistaken for the Symptoms of Pink Eye. My right eye, which is where I have most of my sinus problems is nearly always red, burns and feels irritated and dry. Just in case, I had my doctor take a look at the eye to see if there was any chance of a Pink Eye Infection. My doctor went over the common checklist of Pink Eye symptoms; which Rhoto drops will do you know good. What I had in my right eye didn’t quite measure up to the checklist.

Symptoms of Pink Eye

  • Redness of the Eye: Check
  • Irritated, burning and scratchiness in Eye: Check
  • Eye Itches: Uncheck
  • Fluids oozing from eye: Uncheck
  • Eyelids sticking shut: Uncheck

As I suspected, my dry, red eye is caused by the same sinus and allergy problems that cause the headaches. Regular eye moistening drops provide temporary relieve of the dryness, but only antihistamines and sinus decongestants will clear up some of the redness. I learned a long time ago to stay away from Allergy relief Eye Drop products like Visine. With prolonged use (even Rhoto Eye Drops), these types of products will cause chronic red eye addiction; much like the over-counter nasal sprays will create long-term congestion addictions. I’ve suffered through both of these addictions and they’re not easy to break. Even Lip Balm has some addictive problems associated with it. So, with these risks in mind, I decided to stick with occasional use of oral decongestants and antihistamine with eye moistening drops that can be used every day – and without costing a small fortune.

Systane Eye Drops

Systane Eye Drops

It is critical to keep your eyes moisturized after lasik surgery and Systane Eye Drops are the ones my optometrist still recommends. A couple of years after Lasik Surgery, I got a little lax about using eye drops. Not only were my eyes feeling dry and tired, even my vision seemed to digress a little bit. I was unable to read the eye chart at 20/20 without squinting. After using the Systane Eye Drops a couple of weeks, my vision was back to a perfect 20/20. One thing I didn’t like about Systane Eye Drops: They blurred my vision for about 5 minutes after use. Systane is now using an improved formula and that is no longer a problem. The real reason I don’t use Systane Eye Drops anymore is the price.
Rating: 4-Stars

Equate Eye Drops and Artificial Tears

Equate Eye Drops are refreshing for dry eyes and they are extremely cheap. Unfortunately, they are not very long lasting. They do not have the same ingredients of the more expensive brands for addressing long-term dry eye problems. I keep them on-hand, anyway, as a supplement to the more expensive brands. There’s a better one if you want your eyes to feel refreshed and they’re called Rhoto Eye Drops.
Rating: 3-Stars

Rhoto Eye Drops

Rhoto Eye Drops are like no other artificial tears product on the market.
Dozens of user reviews give Rhoto an average rating of 5 out of 5 Stars. Users unanimously agree that Rhoto drops are the most soothing, refreshing artificial tears they have ever used. It makes sense that they are a Mentholatum brand. drops treat your eyes to the same cool, comfortable soothing sensation of other Mentholatum products. For the most comfortable relief of red, dry, irritated eyes, they are the best I’ve ever used. Is there a draw back? Yeah, they’re not cheap. Do like I do and keep the Equate on hand, if you constantly find yourself needing to re-wet your eyes. Then, once or twice a day give your eyes a real treat with the Rhoto.
Rating: 5-Stars

Vigamox Eye Drops

Both Rhoto and Systane are excellent products for treating dry, irritated eyes, but they won’t do you any good for an Eye Infection or Pink Eye. Vigamox Eye Drops are prescription eye drops for treating bacterial infections of the eye such as Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis. If you’re wondering if Vigamox Eye Drops are any good in treating this condition, don’t worry. They are 100% effective. If used properly, the symptoms will subside, if not completely go away within 48 hours.

Systane vs. Rhoto

It would take a chemist to understand the chemicals used in these eye drops. How do they work and which one is best for long term treatment of dry eye? There is no question that regular use of Systane helped my dry eye condition and even improved my vision. The Systane, however, does not give the very satisfying refreshing sensation as the Rhoto. Can they be used in place of Systane as a long term dry-eye remedy? Perhaps, some informed optometrists or ophthalmologists can chime in with some advice on this. Stay Tuned. I’ll use them sparingly, but my cabinet will always have a bottle of Roto.

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