Oil Filled Electric Heaters

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Oil Filled Electric Heaters
Electric Heaters for Home

Oil Filled Electric Heaters are an efficient way to heat up a room. This winter, I decided to do some research on energy efficient space heaters for my drafty home. Unless, I turn my furnace thermostat up to 71 degrees, there are 4 rooms in the house which are just a tad too cool to stay comfortable sitting in for long periods of time. The Den, Office, Upstairs Vacant Bed Room and the finished Basement could all use some extra heat. The basement is the biggest problem area of the house because this is where we like to watch the big screen television. While the basement has low ceilings, it is a very large, open room, so I knew it would be a challenge finding a space heater to keep the area around the television warm without zapping our energy bill. The review I did on Amish Heaters and Edenpure Heaters revealed that what is bigger and more expensive is certainly not always better. These are Quarts Infrared heaters and they do have several advantages. At $195.00, the Dr Heater seemed like a bargain in comparison of the Amish and EdenPure products. After reading about the larger-sized, 1500 Quartz Infrared Heaters, I learned that many of the smaller, energy efficient space heaters were more affordable and did just as good of a job warming rooms of the house. Oil Filled Electric Heaters and Ceramic Space Heaters are rated very highly by hundreds of different users. Both of these portable home heaters are rated highly for quiet, heat output, low price and energy efficiency. I was really torn over which of them to buy; both have their pros and cons, so I decided to try a few of the different types of oil filled electric heaters for home.

Oil Filled Electric Heaters Reviewed

Review on the Delonghi EW7707CBC

Oil Filled Heater

Also known as Radiator Heaters, Oil-Filled Heaters are priced as low as $40.00. When I first read the term Oil-Filled, I thought it sounded messy and troublesome. Not so, at all. The oil inside the radiator is safely and permanently inside the heater unit. These Electric Space Heaters work on the same principle as convection heating. The oil inside the radiator heats up; warm air rises through the vents on top and continuously warms the cool air as it drops back down. The typical Delonghi Oil Filled Heaters on Amazon rated 3.5 to 4 stars by hundreds of different users. Most users reported that the Delonghi did a good job heating up small rooms, so-so on larger rooms and not so good for large rooms with vaulted ceilings. I bought the Delonghi EW7707CBC at Costco for only $39.95. Unfortunately, the EW7707CBC was slightly lower rated than the rest of the Delonghi oil filled electric heaters for home. The EW7707CBC received a 3.5 Star Rating as opposed to the average 4-Stars of other models. The lower rating of this model had to do with the lack of a real, temperature-thermostat feature which I didn’t care about. The heating elements and power are basically the same. It’s energy-efficient, warmth I was after. The biggest drawback of oil filled electric heaters¬†is the amount of time the heater takes to get hot. And getting the heater hot, is only the first step. Once the heater is hot, it needs time to start warming the cool area. Expect to have the EW7707CBC on for a good 40-60 minutes before you start feeling any warmth from it in a small room. In a large, open room like my basement forget about it! The EW7707CBC might be good for a foot or hand warmer if it wasn’t just a touch too hot to touch with your feet or hands, but it’s not going to warm the surrounding air up in a large room. This leads me to another drawback of the Delonghi design. While it has rolling wheels, there is only one place to grip and roll it from room to room. You have to wait for it to cool off before you can move from room to room. The wheels don’t roll real well on carpet. Not a huge deal, if the unit actually could warm up a room of the house. To be fair, I decided to be a bit more scientific about the effectiveness of this Oill Filled Heater and placed a digital room thermometer in the vacant bedroom upstairs that sits above the garage. This bedroom faces north, and is at a chilly 63F degrees, even with our furnace thermostat set at 69F. Besides the basement, it is the coldest room in the house. With the thermometer in the bedroom stabilized at 63F degrees, I put the EW7707CBC in the bedroom and turned it on MAX. I checked the temperature of the room every 15-30 minutes for 2 hours.¬† This is how the DeLonghi Radiator performed:

  • Starting Temperature: 58.9F
  • 15 Minutes Later: 59.1F
  • 30 Minutes Later: 60.1F
  • 60 Minutes Later: 64.0F
  • 90 Minutes Later: 64.5F
  • 120 Minutes Later: 64.9F

Main Advantage of Oil Filled Electric Heaters

As you can see, the Oil Filled Heater took a while to get things warm. The biggest heat improvement came between 30 minutes to one hour. The last hour, the heat raised at a much slower rate; going from 64.5F to just 64.9F. My conclusion is that Radiator heaters are good for leaving in cold rooms of the house for long periods of time, where you don’t want the noise of a forced fan heater, but want to maintain a slow steady temperature. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this heater for maintaining quiet, heat in a cool or drafty room of your house.


Energy Efficient Space Heaters

Ceramic Tower Heaters

Ceramic Tower Heater

Ceramic Space Heaters use a Ceramic Core rather than heating coils. Since the Ceramic element is larger in size than copper heating coils, they require less energy to efficiently heat the surrounding area. I don’t know for sure that Ceramic Space Heaters are any more efficient than oil filled heaters, but they are most often categorized as energy efficient space heaters. Bionaire and Lasco are popular Ceramic Heaters name. They also call them, Ceramic Tower Heaters. Tower Heaters look the sleekest and most high-tech of them all. The Bionaire Tower Heater from Costco for $47.99 caught my eye. This unit received an average 4-star rating from 27 users. Users loved the large, thermostat temperature display and built in safety features. In addition to having an adjustable thermostat from 40 – 85 degrees Fahrenheit, the Bionaire Tower Heater has a program 1 or 2-hour shut-off feature. I like this! Unlike the oil-filled heater, the Bionaire does make some noise, but most people reported that it was quietly acceptable for a fan blower. I have not had the chance to buy this item yet, but I will. I will put the Bionaire Ceramic Tower Heater through the same scientific test as the Oil-Filled Heater. As the chart below indicates, Ceramic Tower Heaters are excellent for giving you quick, directional heat. If the Radiant Heater just isn’t fast enough give one of these a try.

Electric Heaters For Homes

Bionaire Micathermic

Bionaire Micathermic Heater

There are other types of electric heaters for homes, and the Bionaire Micathermic is one of the three I decided to try. The Bionaire Micathermic is a convection based space heater that looks somewhat similar in shape to an oil filled heater, but without the radiator grooves. As the picture shows, it is somewhat reminiscent of solar panels. As of the time this article was written, I’ve been unable to acquire this particular product for testing. The Bionaire Micarthermic heater is only available through online purchase through Costco and other online retailers. From what I can see, this particular heater has all of the characteristics of Oil Filled Heaters, but is lighter and heats up quicker. Out of 27 online reviews, the Micathermic Convection Heater was rated 4.5 stars. Users are very satisfied with the how easy this radiant heater is to use and carry around the house. There seemed to be a higher level of satisfaction of how well the Micathermic heats up small and large rooms over the DeLonghi Oil Filled Heater for $39.95 at Costco. My heater is on order from Costco and when it arrives I will perform the same scientific, bedroom test with temperature gauge and see how it compares to the DeLonghi EW7707CBC. Check back soon for the Results.

Below, is a handy guide which compares the different heating benefits of the three types of electric heaters for home discussed in this article.

Three Different Types of Electric Heaters For Home

Electric Heaters for Home

As the chart shows, if you want slow, steady and lasting heat, use oil filled electric heaters.

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