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Do you have Biddeford Blankets or Throws in Your Home?

You’ve probably heard about Biddeford Blankets, but what you really might need is a good electric throw. Do you have a room in your house that just feels cold all the time? From November to April, my Den feels this way. If you’ve tried Space Heaters, EdenPure Heaters, and

Biddeford Blankets and Velux Blankets
Velux Blanket vs. Biddeford

Amish Heaters, but you’re still wearing a sweater to keep warm, you need to look into a throw blanket. After a lot of tedious work and tending to the logs, the den fireplace gets the room piping hot as it sucks heat from the rest of the rooms of your house. And who feels like starting a fire all the time? With the shorter days of fall and winter there is less natural light to keep these kinds of rooms warm. The answer is heated blankets. Unlike the electric blankets used to heat your bed covers, a Throw Blanket is a heated blanket you can take anywhere. There are three reasons I’ve hesitated to consider Throw Blankets in the past and now I know them to be old myths:


  1. Electric Throw Blankets are uncomfortable due to the stiff, wool fabric
  2. Electric Throw Blankets pose a fire and/or safety danger.
  3. Electric Throw Blankets use energy and waste money

After doing some research, I have an entirely new appreciation for the comfort, safety and cost efficiency of today’s electric blankets, particularly the electric throw blanket..

Blanket Fabric

Electric Throw Blankets don’t have to feel like that stiff and clumsy wool, turtleneck sweater your aunt gave you for Christmas when you were 17 years old. The new heated electric throws are often made from plush, micro fiber which feels as soft as any non-heated blanket you ever tried. Thanks to smaller, more efficient heating coils, electric throw blankets can be made smaller, softer and more durable. Take a look at the Biddeford Blankets which use ultra thin wires to give them that comfortable feel of a plush, Vellux Blanket. .

Electric Blanket Safety

We’ve all heard stories about electric blankets catching the house on fire. This is simply no longer a concern. Today’s heated blankets are digitally controlled for safety with auto-shut-off features. Not only is the danger of forgetting to shut them off minimized, but today’s electric blankets are UL Approved and much better made, if you can get by a few of the disconcerting reports below. Thanks to digital technology, if anything ever gets too hot or a problem is sensed, the blanket immediately shuts off – or so they say. Today’s electric throws are also somewhat flame retardant. It would probably be more difficult to start a fire with your electric blanket than it would with your electric stove. Is there an auto-shut off feature for your stove?

Electric Blankets Energy Efficiency

It costs far less money to heat up your body than an entire room. One of the advertising claims of Biddeford Blankets is you will save energy by using an electric throw. Is that ultra warm Vellux Blanket on your bed available as a throw blanket?

Electric Blanket Reviews

Of all the different brands of electric throws, none of them have a great deal of user reviews. Here are a few ratings on various electric throw blankets:

Biddeford Blankets

Biddeford Blankets scored a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars by 10 different users. While everyone agreed they were comfortable, there were a few concerns. A few users complained their legs melted after falling asleep to the television. Thanks to the flame retardant blanket, only their legs burned, while the blanket remained completely undamaged.. Okay, I’m exaggerating. Truthfully, though – a couple of users did complain their controllers melted, though their legs remained full intact. So much for the safety reassurance mentioned above. Another reported problem was that the controlled heat setting didn’t lock into place, causing it to move with your body. Finally, there were complaints that the Biddeford blanket stopped working entirely after a short period of use! On the other hand, the majority of users rated the electric throw¬†Biddeford a 5 out of 5. Despite the few problems reported from users with melted controllers, I have to believe that I would be comfortable enough using this product on my recliner while I watch television. It is a very comfortable electric blanket. Just don’t use it while you’re in a coma. The best part about Biddeford Blankets is the price. You can find them for under $30.00 at your favorite discount or bath store.

Sunbeam Microplus Throw Camelot Blanket

Sunbeam Electric Camelot Throws rated 4.5 stars out of 5 from 12 users and there were NO reported issues with melted controllers. Most users rated the Sunbeam Electric throw 5-stars. One user ranked it only 1 star because it broke after 1 month of use. The price is rather steep at $41.00, but you can find them for as cheap as Biddeford Blankets below.

Sunbeam Fleece Electric Throw Blanket

For comfort, price and reliabity, the Fleece Electric Throw by Sunbeam tops them all. This comfy, plaid electric throw received a 4.5 star rating out of 15 Amazon Users.
There were no reports of failures, melting controllers or other mechanical problems. Users of this Electric Throw were very satisfied with the warmth it provides.

Vellux Blanket

If you don’t want to mess around with electric or heated blankets at all, find yourself a comfortable Vellux Blanket to keep in the cold rooms of the house with you. I’ve stayed in very cold mountain cabins that are fitted with Vellux blankets and they do an excellent job of keeping you warm. There is no fire danger with a vellux blanket unless you keep them to close to a fireplace or wood-burning stove. Obviously, they are extremely energy efficient and you won’t ever have to worry about them breaking. The worst thing that can happen to your Vellux Blanket is that you could lose it. They sell below for under $20.00.

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