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EdenPure Heaters vs Amish Heaters vs Dr Heater

EdenPure or Amish Heaters?

We’ve all heard about EdenPure Heaters, but there is some strong competition out there. In the colder climates, the Space Heater market is a busy one as we all try to stay warm in these cold fall and winter months. The new, Infrared Quartz technology has made portable room heaters a serious option as a way for lowering your heating bill, in addition to providing zones of warmth, even the most heat-efficient furnaces are not very good at keeping warmth in the rooms of your house where and when you need it. When I bought my 65”, Rear Projection Mitsubishi Television this past summer, the cool basement seemed like the perfect place for it. It was easy looking forward to going downstairs to Watch movies and play video games in the cool, big, rec room. Unfortunately, summers don’t last very long in Colorado and the basement is no longer the preferred room in the house to watch television. Even the upstairs Den, where my much smaller television is located, seems drafty and cold all of the time. When guests come into town, I’ll often turn my thermostat up to 71 to make the den more comfortable. Unfortunately, the rest of the home becomes too warm, especially the smaller bedrooms; and the vacant 65” Rear Projection Television in the basement sits in cold, isolation. In the past couple of years, my Sunday morning newspaper has been inundated with advertises and claims about EdenPure Heaters, Amish Heaters and the new, inexpensive Dr Heater. If these Portable Room Heaters are so great, should we all be using them? Recently, the infamous BobVilla was promoting EdenPure Heaters on an infomercial. While I realize there is an obvious bias behind the products being sold, the information on this particular TV segment got me to thinking about the problems behind heating our homes. I’ve heard so much about EdenPure Heaters, so…

Problems with Conventional Furnace Home Heating

A Case for EdenPure Heaters?

The way we heat our homes seems a little outdated. The efficiency and technology behind the furnace has certainly improved, but consider the outdated and inefficient way in which the heat is dispersed throughout the house. While the furnace is located in one room, it must send heat through an entire house of duct work several feet long, in many different directions. Energy gets used up simply heating up the cold duct pipes. Much of the heat is lost through seems, joints and cracks in the ductwork. In large homes, the heated air must travel very long distances and much of it is lost by the time it gets to the farthest rooms of the house. While a central furnace and thermostat offers convenience, it simply doesn’t provide evenly heated rooms throughout the entire house. Some rooms are colder than others. The only way around this is zone heating; that is, the addition of efficient, space heaters where you need them. New, infrared, quartz technology has made Portable Room Heaters quieter, safe and environmentally friendly. You’ve probably read the advertisements for Amish Heaters and EdenPure Heaters and have seen photos of their impressive, natural-looking, fire-place like, wooden cabinetry. Both the EdenPure and Amish Heaters make claims that you can warm your entire house with them and at the same time, save on your energy bill. These claims are based on the idea that you can turn your thermostat down and strategically place these portable heater brands in the zones of your house where heat is most often needed. Because of the energy efficient infrared, quartz technology, you will not only save on your energy bill, but be warmer and more comfortable in your home. I don’t doubt the claims of zone heating, but which product does the best job and offers the most bang (heat) for the buck? It’s the Amish Heaters vs. EdenPure Heaters showdown. I’ve broken down the pros and cons of each, then compared them with a third, surprise challenger, Dr Heater.

Amish Heater

We’ve all seen the ads in the inserts of our Sunday Newspaper: Dedicated, honest Amish people in a factory, working their fingers to the bone, day and night making these handsome, hand-crafted, portable Fireplaces all in the name of keeping Americans warmer, while saving us from the dreaded, increasing costs of energy bills. We are led to believe that these beautiful, Amish Heaters are free. All we have to do is pay for the shipping and handling. Apparently, this is the Amish way. So, what’s the catch? Well, really, the mantle is the only part that is Amish made. The claim is that the mantle is free, but we still pay for the heater. The heater is made by Heat Surge. Like EdenPure, these Amish Fireplace Heaters by Heat Surge use infra-red quartz technology and a small blower-fan to disperse the heat to the room. They are made to look like a fireplace and their custom wood mantel is a nice decorative addition to the room you are heating. Don’t believe the claims in some of these ads about reducing your energy bill in half. I’ve read through dozens of user reviews and not one of them has made the claim that an Amish Heater has substantially reduced their energy bill. In fact, some users reported that they experienced a surge in their energy bills after using these Amish-made Heat Surge Heaters in their home. Lost Energy savings aside, how well do these Amish Heater Fireplaces do at heating up smaller rooms of your home? Unfortunately, not very well according to the 40-some odd reviews I’ve read. The Heat Surge is based on a 1500 Watt, Infrared Quartz heating unit. Most Amish Heaters users wised up to the fact and complained that they can buy this same technology at Target or Walmart for under $100.00 as opposed to the $300-$400 you’ll pay for the Amish-Mantel Heat Surge units. Many people complained that they couldn’t even feel heat unless they were a foot away from the Fireplace! If the lack of heat isn’t enough to get you heated up about wasting lots of money on one of these, a few users complained that the so-called Amish Craftsmanship didn’t look so Amish, after all. One guy complained the wood was nailed together crookedly, making the claim of being Amish-Made rather questionable, too. My guess is there are quite a few proud Amish people who would rather not have their names associated with this product. According to many people, these look as though they are made in China. The reviews weren’t all bad. The Cherry Wood model seemed to get more favorable reviews than the Oak one above. A few people even gave it five stars. Unfortunately, the average rating is not very good. Overall, both models of these Amish Heaters scored an average rating of just 2 stars out of five. Don’t blame the Amish. Blame Heat Surge.

EdenPure Heaters

While EdenPure Heaters aren’t made to look like an Amish Fireplace, they do come in a quality-looking, well made cabinet. The EdenPure Heaters come in a few different finishes, types and outputs. If the Amish Heater is built to look like an old-fashioned, wooden fireplace, EdenPure Heaters are made to look like a high-tech, attractive heating appliance. EdenPure Heaters are pretty attractive with their wood and/or variety of colors and finish. The EdenPURE GEN3 Model 1000 Quartz Infrared was the most popular Room Heater unit reviewed on Amazon. The GEN3 comes in an attractive, black, cast-iron finish with digital controls on the front. There is also a remote control for controlling temperature and turning the unit off and on. Some of the EdenPURE heaters have extra features such as built in air purifier. All of them provide roughly the same level of heat. One of the claims of the EdenPURE technology is that does not dry out a room like conventional heater. I would assume this is true of just about all of the quartz technology heaters. You can expect to pay anywhere from $225 to $400 for an EdenPURE Heater depending on the power which ranges from 500 to 1000 Quartz. The GEN3 Model is a 1000 Quartz heater that sells for around $289.00. I’m sorry to say that out of 73 User Reviews, the EdenPURE GEN3 received a rating of just 2.5 Stars. What is the main complaint bringing down the rating? These EdenPURE units do no better of a job heating up a small to mid-sized room than heaters which are a fraction of the price.
If its looks and size are worth the extra cost to you, then by all means start shopping for EdenPURE heaters today. If you’d like to see a low-cost alternative that does a better job, read on:

Dr. Heater vs EdenPure

There are plenty of EdenPURE Heater look alikes on the market that range in price from $200 – $500. Judging by the user ratings, paying more money doesn’t bring more heat and comfort to the rooms in your home. For just $195.00 you can get the attractive Dr Heater 1500 Quartz Infrared Heater.

Dr Heater

claims to be able to heat up rooms to 1000 square feet. Out of 34 user ratings, the Dr Heater averages 4 out of 5 stars. The claim about being able to heat up a 1,000 square feet doesn’t seem too far off the mark based on the favorable user comments. Many users commented that they were amazed how quickly and efficiently this unit heated up a large room, allowing them to turn down their thermostat and actually save a few bucks on the energy bill. Dr Heater is assembled in a very attractive, mahogany wooden chassis with digital display and handy, caster wheels for moving it around, to and from any room. There is a at least one explanation for the lower price. Unlike EdenPURE and Amish Heaters, DR Heater uses PTC instead of copper for its heating elements. One of the other favorable comments was how quietly Dr Heater performs with its 39db “super-quiet” blower fan. There were a couple of users disappointed in the heat output, but overall, Dr Heater outperforms Amish Heaters and EdenPURE heaters by a wide margin. There are cheaper, Infrared Heaters on the market, but if you want an attractive, safe 1500 Quartz heater in an attractive simulated wood cabinet, Dr Heater tops them all.

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