Car Leather Conditioner and Restoration

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Car Leather Conditioner
– A Review

Car Leather Conditioner
Turtle Wax Leather Conditioner

Best Product for Car Leather

Turtle Wax Products always seems to give me the most bang for the buck when it comes to car care. A month ago, my Best Car Wax review revealed that Turtle Wax outperformed many of the more popular, highly publicized brands like Mother’s and MeGuire’s. The same seems to be true for Car Leather Restoration and Car Leather Conditioner products. I’ve tried a few of them. I was very underwhelmed with Armour All Leather Wipes. In fact, I think I’ll stay away from all car car cleaning products in the wipe form. In my opinion, wipes should be found in the bathroom and diaper bag, not your garage. After wasting 3 or 4 of the leather conditioning wipes on the front and back seats of my car, I had a hard time noticing any difference in their appearance. What’s worse, after a few months resting in my garage, the leather conditioning wipes by Armour All completely dried out and were unuseable. I decided to stay away from wipes and go back to sprays.  Leather Conditioning wipes simply don’t bring back the appearance and softness of the leather.  Now, on to a product that does.

Turtle Wax Car Leather Conditioner

The familiar Green, Turtle Wax Bottle in spray form is an excellent Car Leather Conditoner and Leather Restorer. For about $4.50, I got a bottle of the Turtle Wax Car Leather conditioner at Walmart. With clean rag in hand, I began spraying the conditioner on the back of the drivers driver’s. The Turtle Wax formula goes on very smooth and creamy. It is more like a lotion than it is a grease. As I wiped the conditioner in with my rag, I noticed my seats began to look of a deep black color again. As advertised, The Turtle Wax Leather Conditioner really restores old, leather. I completely smothered all of my seats with the Leather Conditioner and marveled at how much more supple the leather looked and felt. The product also has a very pleasant, new-leather like aroma much like the way leather seats in a new car would smell. Here is what I recommend using the product. If your leather is looking really old and worn, I have some advice for installing the leather conditioner.

Using Turtle Wax

Here is what worked best for me. I sprayed a liberal amount of the Turtle Wax Conditioner on all leather surfaces and rubbed it in quite firmly with the clean rag. After the entire car leather had been wiped down. This insures that the conditioner is applied and absorbed deep-down into the surface of your seats. Next, I sprayed a second coat of the car leather conditioner and restoration. For the 2nd coat, I used only a very light touch with the rag to remove off excess moisture, in order to leave the black, leather surfaces looking new with that deep, leathery luster. The leather seats in my 1997 Bimmer looks new and the car smells great. Turtle Wax Leather Conditioner is a winner. I look forward to trying some of the other Turtle Wax car care products: Tire and Wheel Cleaners, Tire Shine and vinyl interior car care. Expect some more reviews soon.

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