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Best iPhone Case
iPhone Case Review

What is the Best iPhone Case?

Many iPhone users agreed with me that the Best iPhone Screen Protector is none at all. Unlike Screen Protectors, iPhone Cases actually do add some durability, style and personalization to your iPhone. The iPhone 3GS and latest iPhone 4 are sleek and slippery enough to shoot right out of your hand and onto the hard floor, sidewalk or street, if you don’t have them protected with the best iPhone Case. I found out this the hard way a couple of times before I went shopping for a new case. Fortunately, I didn’t end up with a damaged iPhone. I was shocked, however, to find discount stores charging $10, $15 and $20 for a simple, yet ugly and/or bulky iPhone Case or Jacket. To me, the Best iPhone case is one that does more than just protect your phone.


To rate top honors , the iPhone cases should have the following qualities:

  • Should Add Grip to the iPhone
  • Should be Easy to put on and take off
  • Won’t add too much bulk and extra size to the iPhone
  • Won’t scratch your iPhone installing and removing it
  • Should Look attractive and add style and personalization to your iPhone

My first try was not the best one. It came from the clearance section at Target for $14.95. Made of rubber by Belkin, it did an okay job until I accidentally tore it. I thought I could do better. Next, I tried a more expensive $20.00 leather wrapped case with dual sliding bottom and top parts. The most expensive iPhone case I ever bought was not the best iphone case. It ended up being the worst as the sliding top and bottom severely scratched the shiny black back surface of my phone. The sliding leather case ended up in my junk drawer. It should be in the trash, I’ll never use it again. I was able to remove most of the scratches using a car scratch-remover product called, ScratchX by Meguire’s.

Other iPhone Case Options

By far, the best one I’ve had e is sold by online retailers. I recently purchased three for the less than half the price one would cost at Target or Walmart from an online retailer called, monoprice. One of them is a very sleek, clear, silicon model. It looks cool, but is very slippery and the silicone surface gets very scratched up after a while. I also bought a textured, gray silicon case which has a good grip, nice fit, but looks kind of drab and boring. My favorite is the one that resembles the most common, black, rubber iPhone jacket that I originally purchased at Target for $15.00. This one fits in your hand so nicely, it’s next to impossible to drop. It is very easy to remove for cleaning. Though there is nothing fancy about it, the rubber iPhone jacket looks solid and shows off the shiny silver Apple logo in back.

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