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What are the Best iPhone Apps and are they free?

Free Apps to Improve Your  iPhone Experience

Best iPhone Apps
Best iPhone Free Backgrounds

If you’re bored with your new iPhone 4, perhaps you haven’t been downloading enough of the best iPhone apps. If there is one thing that sets the iPhone apart from the Droid and other mobile phone competition it’s the great Apps. I’ve downloaded so many so-called ‘best iPhone Apps’ that I cant even count them all. In fact, there are way too many to cover in a single review. For that reason, this is just one of many review articles I will be doing on iPhone Applications. This is by no means an all-inclusive review of the best iPhone Apps, but a summary of some really good iPhone Apps that I’ve found very useful.

Best iPhone Wallpaper

Looking for the most impressive HD Backgrounds for your new iPhone 4 wallpaper? Changing your iPhone’s background can really freshen up your device. In fact, whenever I change my wallpaper it makes me feel like I’ve just gotten a new iPhone.  A few notes on how wallpaper backgrounds on the iPhone work: HD Backgrounds belongs among the best iPhone Apps.

HD Backgrounds

The iPhone has two different settings for storing HD Backgrounds:

  1. Home Screen Wall Paper
  2. Lock Screen Wall Paper

All of the pictures in your photo library can be set as the wall paper on your active home screen, or as the wallpaper you see when your phone is locked.
You can use the same picture or a different picture for both the lock screen and the home screen. Wallpaper backgrounds are the one app that can keep your iPhone looking and feeling new and fresh. Great thinking on Apple’s part, but what is the best way to get images and/or photos on your iPhone?

Free Iphone Wallpaper

Best HD Background App

WallpapersHD is the first app that I downloaded since upgrading that really distinguished the new iPhone 4 from the old iPhone 3GS. WallpapersHD has some of the most incredible, beautiful, high definition photos and images you will find anywhere. The new and superior high resolution, retina display of the iPhone 4 really comes to life when you start viewing these images. Not only are the photos and images of outstanding quality but there are literally thousands of them. WallpapersHD has over 10,00 high quality images. As of the time this article is written, there are 1075 pages with 9 images on each page and more being added every day. Furthermore, the HD Backgrounds can be filtered by category or searched for by type. These images, when displayed on the new iPhone 4 are so jaw-droppingly good that they nearly look as though they are 3D on your screen. It is very quick and easy to sort through the images on WallpapersHD and save them to your iPhone’s photo album. Yes, WallpapersHD is fully compatible with older versions of the iPhone. They still look good on my wife’s iPhone 3GS, though not quite as spectacular as they are on the iPhone 4. This is a must have app for your iPhone and the best part? It’s Free! Add it to your Best iPhone Apps Collection.

Best Web Browser

The iPhone gives you a nearly-perfect web browsing experience. I will explain later why it’s not quite perfect. For now, let’s go over some of the contenders for best web browsing iPhone app. My favorite iPhone web browsers are Google, Safari and Bing in that order.  In reality, Google and Bing are more of a search tool then a web browser. Safari is Apple’s own web browser which comes with the iPhone. Both the Bing and Google web browsers can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store. Either of these two programs give you features, technology and functions that you cannot get even from your desktop browser.  You will still want to use Safari if you want the experience of a true Desktop Web Browser. With either the Google or Bing application installed on your iPhone, you can do a web search merely by speaking into your phone. This feature works amazingly well, even with extremely long phrases. For instance, the other day I wanted to know how to change the oil on my 1997 BMW 540i. I touched the microphone on the Google  App touch-screen and spoke into the phone, “How do I change the oil on my 1997 BMW 540i?”  In about 3 seconds, the Google Search engine produced a list of DIY articles telling me how to change the oil on my car. Not only is the speech search feature accurate on phrases and research terms, but it is pretty good with people and names, too. If speaking into your iPhone’s web browser isn’t good enough on it’s own, both Bing and Google also allow you to use your iPhone’s camera to search by picture. For instance, I snapped a picture of my Stanley 25′ Tape Measurer that was sitting on my computer desk. Google’s search engine produced a list of results, including the exact model of my tape measure: 33-425 Powerlock-II. Amazing stuff – and so easy to use! I might say it’s a tie between Google and Bing, but I prefer the Google Search Engine. They both belong in your  best iPhone Apps Collection. I vote the Google App, not only the best web browser, but the best Free iPhone App., period! There’s only one reason iPhone web browsing is not perfect and it has nothing to do with Google, Bing or Safari.

iPhone Flash Player for iPhone

Flash Player iPhone?

Are you looking for a Flash Player for iPhone?

Surfing the internet on the iPhone is a breeze until you stumble upon web content that requires Adobe Flash Player. When I got my first iPhone 3GS over a year ago, I remembered thinking, “There is nothing I can do on my desktop PC that I cannot do on this amazing iPhone”. That was before I tried loading some Network reports and discovered the graphics and line charts wouldn’t display. My Safari Browser screen gave me the message that I needed Adobe Flash player to load this content. So, what did I do? I immediately went to the iTunes store and looked for an Adobe Flash Player for the iPhone.  The reason for this is not because Adobe refuses to make its flash player for mobile devices. Apple refuses to allow it because Adobe’s Flash Player is a resource hog which will greatly slow down the browsing experience of any mobile device, including the Droid. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of Flash Player even on my speedy desktop, for this very same reason. I’ve been told that Flash really cripples Performance on Apple Macs, too. The idea behind Apple is to put pressure on website owners and developers to produce content that is mobile device friendly. The Flash Player and mobile devices browsing are not a good match. There are, however, are some rumors about improved, faster mobile versions of Flash Player to be coming out from Adobe. Ultimately, it will be up to Apple. Beware of a deceptive product on iTunes called, Flash Video Review. This is not a Flash Player. It is merely an eBook. Many users have been duped into paying $9.99 for a worthless eBook review on Adobe Flash Player. I cannot understand why this product is allowed on the iTunes store. Instead of an iPhone Flash Player, I look forward to more mobile-friendly, speedy websites that don’t require it. The best of the best iPhone Apps shouldn’t require stodgy old Windows Software.

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