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Best deep fryer

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Best Deep Fryer Catfish Recipe
Catfish Recipe

Do you sometimes crave a good catfish dinner? The kind of deep-fried, golden-brown catfish that is firm and crunchy on the outside and steaming-hot, soft and flaky on the inside is what I’m after in a Catfish Recipe. There is simply no way of making good, deep fried catfish without using a deep fryer of some sort. The other secret is to make a batter that actually sticks to the fish. Neither of these requirements are convenient. Making the batter so it sticks to the fish can be difficult and frying hot oil inside is messy and can really smell up the kitchen. I’ve tried Catfish Recipes that use flour, cornmeal, salt and pepper, egg and milk for the batter. Some very basic instructions for making the batter. Even the best deep fryer can’t do it this good without the right recipe! See picture to the right. That’s how the right catfish recipe looks after its properly fried. Now, did it take the best deep fryer in the world to do this?

Catfish Batter Recipe
Beat up a couple of egg yolks with a cup of milk. In an 8 x 10 or 10 x 12 baking pan, mix up a cup of flour, cup of corn meal, and salt and pepper to suit your tastes. Dip the fish in the milk and egg than roll coat it with the flour mixture. A trick my mom taught me: Place the batter-coated fish in your refrigerator an hour before deep frying. This helps the batter stick to the fish. This catfish recipe sounds good in theory, but it is a bit of a messy and time consuming process, not to mention, you still have to deal with a deep fryer full of piping hot oil. Here is a better Cat Fish Recipe:

Catfish Nuggets

Catfish Nuggets

When I say Catfish Nuggets I mean frozen catfish nuggets from Walmart. Yes, they really are fantastic. Unlike other frozen fish, these catfish nuggets are raw, but they are completely coated with an authentic, golden-colored batter on the outside. I’ve had some really good catfish in places like Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Judging by the appearance while taking them out of the Walmart box, these catfish nuggets looked like the real thing. I liked the idea that they are fresh frozen with the batter already on them. I was puzzled that the instructions on the box recommended I deep fry them rather than then bake them in the oven like any other frozen fish. Hmmm, Deep Frying them would take a little more work, but if they come out like the real southern thing, the extra effort would be well worth it. Now, the question became, what to use and where, to deep fry this tasty looking catfish recipe from Walmart.

Using the Best Deep Fryer

We’ve all heard of the Fry Daddy. An electrical pot that you fill with oil, plug in and deep fry your favorite breaded foods; chicken, shrimp, calamari…catfish?
The little electrical deep fryer we have at home is too small to cook more than 3 or 4 catfish nuggets at the same time and I certainly didn’t want to fume-up the house with the smell of fish oil. There’s a better way: The Best Deep Fryer is a big cast iron pan, filled half-way with oil and set on your hot, outdoor barbecue grill. My grill has a side burner which is the perfect match for my cast iron pan. A few weeks ago, I discovered this combination makes the Best Deep Fryer I’ve ever used. Unlike most people, I’m not worried about Fat and Cholesterol.. I like to use Sunflower or Peanut Oil in my deep fryer, so I filled the Cast Iron pan half full of sunflower oil and set it on the grill burner at Medium-High Heat.

How to Fry Catfish

Best Deep Fryer

I’ve discovered that if the heat is too high, even frozen foods will burn. It’s best to heat the oil up for about 10-12 minutes at medium high heat, then carefully place the fish in the hot oil. Make sure you have enough oil to cover the fish. Using the Cast Iron Pan as a deep fryer, in my opinion makes the job more thorough, easier and efficient. Cover your eyes and use oven mitts. Hot oil is…well, HOT. Cook the fish about 7-10 minutes. Remove one, cut it in half and try it before you continue cooking them all. The inside should be flaky and hot and the outside should remain light golden brown. (refer to above picture) The results of the boxed Walmart brand catfish nuggets is sensational. Just like the real thing at your favorite country catfish restaurant. Making a little tartar sauce is a breeze. Mix up real mayonnaise, pickle relish relish along with some garlic powder and paprika. Season it how you like; find the best deep fryer and voila – you’re on your way!

In conclusion, boxed Catfish Nuggets in a Cast Iron Deep Fryer is the best Catfish Recipe there is.

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