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Kindred Sinks
Kindred Sinks Review


I’ve gotta be honest, Kindred Sinks are quality through and through. Quality doesn’t come cheap, however. A double-sided, stainless steel Kindred sink will set you back $400 – $500. Fortunately, if you’re in the market for one, you can find them much cheaper. Check out the auction sales below on Kindred Sink Products. If you’re still undecided, you can scroll down below the auction sales and read about my own personal experience with my Kindred at home.

Great Kitchen Sink, but be Careful

Not all Kindred Sinks are the Same

The sink pictured above is the very same one that I own. Small side on the right for washing dishes and disposing of food. Big sink on the left for rinsing and drying dishes. Careful…Sounds like a good concept, but in reality washing dishes this way a pain in the freaking rear! With dirty pots and pans, you will always want to use the side with the garbage disposal first in order to discard food and particles from the pots. With big pots and pans, this is a nuisance. The small sink-side is just too dang small. I am constantly spilling water, soap and dirty onto the counter top. This is a bad, bad idea. I have nothing against Kindred. I don’t believe they are even the company that came up with this foolish design. The previous owner of my home for some strange reason, thought this was a good idea – like the expensive Arwa faucet that leaked and took me weeks to find replacement parts for using a a creative Google Search query.  Complaints aside, the material and workmanship of the Kindred brand are outstanding. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one, but not until I have the right side of my counter top carved out to match the side of the left. Two big sink sides are better than two small; or a small and a big one. Don’t go for this crazy design pictured, here. Get an equally large sink space for both sides! If you do your shopping online, you will get a good sink at a price better than what you’ll pay at your local hardware store. My only advice is to stay away from model # C2233/95K/4!  Not all Kindred Sinks are the same.


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